About Elzi Volk

Elzi has spent the last several decades trying to determine where 'home' is: from New York, Maine, California, Oregon and now Texas. As well, her career has encompassed tool & die apprentice, forest ranger, assistant extension agent, mother, sheep and horse rancher, and mad research scientist. She has also been a competitive bodybuilder, but has found true joy in powerlifting.

With two degrees in biological sciences, Elzi devoted the last 12 years in Oregon developing and managing a nationally recognized plant virus diagnostics program and conducted research advancing chemo- and thermotherapy techniques for virus elimination. Unfortunately, program funding fell victim to USDA and higher education budget axes by the powers-that-be. Discouraged, Elzi decided to make some changes and moved to Texas, where she is spending a long hiatus recovering from an injury, freelance technical writing, and part-time personal training. In the near future, as soon as she wins the lottery, she intends to jump into a PhD program in integrated cell biology, focusing on cell signalling.

When Elzi is not playing fetch with her 1200 lb four-footed buddy, she is most happy in the gym and in a research lab.

7 steps to meet women oversees without being fooled – explore other men stories

Some reviews showing us deceitful women at Web-based online date websites are quite similar: a naive man in love gives funds to a pretty lady and after that this girl vanishes and doesn’t answer. Many savage commentaries published on the Web are telling about this trouble. This can create an impression that all the dating websites are full of deceivers and that the possibilities to get acquainted with your spouse on the Internet are illusionary. Nevertheless opinion is untrue: not each lady is trickster. Therefore, the obligation of each gentleman who decided to find a spouse online is to try everything in identifying lying women.

Apparently, it seems to be more convenient to meet and to find a common language a lady who is not that remote geographically. But, there are several rather clear and comprehensible rules that may allow any guy to avoid a scammer. Thus, in a case the one desires to initiate the pursuit of partner on the Web he is supposed to use some basic hints:

  • Look for exclusively high-quality online date venues that have an excellent image. With an eye to understand how successfully the dating site carries out the promises it has given you should read reviews, familiarize yourself with stories and reviews of the current and previous clients, look through competent opinions.
  • When you get acquainted with a girl on the Web never share your personal facts: your new acquaintance will be unknown until you get to know each other personally and achieve particular level of confidence. You must keep away from giving the bank or any other personal and sensitive data to the one until you are sure that it is safe.
  • Listen to the way of speaking of the lady you date: tricksters commonly weak in English and the tricksters tend to speak in generic words, with no links to any of your personal data that is appropriate in the conversation with every other man. Because of this fraudsters have an opportunity to utilize one email to talk to lots of prospect victims.
  • Be attentive to letters. In a case you are not sure you have an opportunity to copy and paste the message with search tools and check if you would detect alike messages on the Internet.
  • Check photos. The newest instruments give you an opportunity to find the identical images on the Internet. Tricksters have a possibility to exploit pictures of other people or upload identical photos on numerous online date websites. When you notice that the image is posted by numerous women then you have to be attentive.
  • Look through the person’s identity. You have a chance to indicate any personal data in a search engine and to try to find some details online.
  • Do not agree to begin email talks immediately. Lots of scammers try to damage laptop you utilize using means of your online address.
  • Do not dare to open attachments sent by strangers as such files can be full of harmful software.
  • Remain critical in a case you read certain heart-breaking tales referring to death of family members, financial troubles, no money for the trip, etc..
  • Moreover never ever, under no circumstances send money to strangers! That’s the biggest flaw the man could make in a course of dating on the Web.

Your-Bride arm guys with a general assessment of any dating venue. You have a possibility to get to know how simple a certain portal turns out to be in utilization, how many visitors the portal features, what sort of options the website would facilitate you with, and how much you would need to pay for services. But what proves rather significant, you can check many reviews left by customers – old and present. Dozens of clients are eager to share their own opinions, not taking into consideration if the experience turns out to be positive or negative. You have an opportunity to quickly check the link on advantages and drawbacks of every dating website.

Evidently, not a single site would be able to offer you an absolute guarantee that none of the ladies online would attempt to mislead you. But you can diminish the uncertainty and to ensure safety to your persona. Putting together the pieces of advice listed lately, you should cooperate with a decent Web-based dating site and stay cautious and watchful with ladies that you meet on the Internet. It does not mean that you are supposed to be paranoid and suspect every single lady of misleading plans! However in a case you do not want to be fooled by a sly fraudster you have to constantly evaluate hazards and realize how to identify risks.

Here are Some Hints for Ensuing Business Owners about How to Choose the Most High-quality Virtual Storage for their Business

Keeping and sharing of the confidential files in a virtual space prove to be an inevitable requirement of the modern deal-making realm. Various providers offer deal-makers highly protected online venues which must bring the ease to the whole course of the transaction execution – so-called virtual platforms. Their main task is to guarantee protection to digital versions of documents. A virtual platform may be utilized not only as a repository for sensitive information but also as space where multiple stakeholders have a chance to exchange and have a conversation about information, transactions, and deals. That is how, virtual rooms eliminated the need to complete the whole transaction exclusively during face-to-face negotiations. In the event that you wish to know more about online data services, please, pay your attention to the reference – https://datarooms.org. As virtual rooms are becoming more and more popular, more and more providers offer their services on the VDR market. However, not each platform that exists is trustworthy and decent enough to entrust them confidential corporate information. To find a trustworthy room, the potential user is supposed to take into account the following nuances.

1. Reputation and experience intrinsic to the virtual room

Be attentive to the reputation of the vendor. Mainly, it might be evaluated according to the comments available on the Internet. Both – the opinions of lay public and the analysis by experts – proved to be relevant when it comes to choosing a data room vendor. Moreover, it is informative to check the peculiarities of the deals which were finished with the assistance of the provider and, possibly, even to talk to the deal-makers from a firm which has already utilized software developed by the provider. Moreover, the experienced vendor will capable of providing specific functions to a room user.

2. The functions the virtual platform will offer you

When searching out a data room, a particular set of important instrument is supposed to be considered. Eventually, a good virtual room focuses on document and access safety. The virtual platform is supposed to have all the security certificates (ISO 27001 and SSAE 16), provide data encryption, firewalls, two-step user authentication system, watermarks, etc. In addition, the virtual room administrator must be provided with all the rights to manage access to the repository in general and to certain documents, folders. Regular audit reports help to monitor all the actions that take place in the platform. Together with being safe, the repository is supposed to be convenient in exploitation. Thus, intuitive interface that enhances work in the data room is thought to be important. Numerous search and upload functions also simplify and accelerate the work in the room. The named features do not constitute an exhaustive list of the features that the customer have to look for in the room: the requirements will depend on the customer’s demands.

3. Price

Considering the fact that there are a lot of provides on VDR market, the potential clients may choose among VDRs that differ in price: the exploitation cost varies generally on the vendor, on the expected time needed for execution of the deal, on the particular tools expected, etc. Therefore, the deal-maker has to be pragmatic and to realize how much he is willing to pay for the virtual room.

4. The benefits you and your business partners will have an opportunity to experience

A virtual platform must be not only affordable and convenient for the owner but also fulfill the requirements of the owner’s present or potential business partners. Sometimes it is better to subscribe for the more luxurious room if it is equipped with certain options demanded by the other participants of the deal.

5. Adequate level of functionality

Before selecting a virtual room, an accurate investigation of the requirements and expectations is expected to take place: not a single deal-maker wants to pay for an extremely expensive virtual room provided with a wide range of excessive services. The potential client should make sure he is about to pay for the set of tools he actually needs and expects – not for trendy and fashionable tools which have nothing in common with information protection and storage.

If staying stick to these simple tips in mind, the one might have fewer difficulties when choosing a data room. Although the selection process can take a considerable amount of time, it is better to waste a bit more time and to check demo versions of several data rooms than to select the very first virtual platform which was available at adequate price. You are supposed to keep in mind the fact that you are paying for your protection and convenience and the data rooms are definitely not the ones to save money on.

Planet Estrogen Part 3: The Menstrual Cycle and Athletic Performance

While the participation of women in sports has increased significantly over the last several decades, research of women in sports has lagged behind that of men. This is particularly true in matters related to reproduction and menstruation. Up until even recent years, women were cautioned not to partake in sports while pregnant or during menstruation because exercise during these times was thought to be detrimental to a woman’s health. While there certainly are precautions recommended for pregnant women, recent studies show that modified participation in exercise and sports activities is beneficial. As well, menstruation has become less of a roadblock in achieving sports goals for women. Nevertheless, there is still much we do not understand regarding women and gynecological issues. [Read more…]

Planet Estrogen Part 2: Apples and Pears

“At the same time that hormones challenge the pubertal brain, they change the body. A girl’s high estrogen content helps in the deposition of body fat on the breasts, hips, thighs and buttocks, subcutaneously, everywhere. Because of estrogen and auxiliary hormones, women have more body fat than men…..We can look at the deposition of body fat that comes with womanhood and say it’s natural for girls to fatten up when they mature, but what ‘natural’ means is subject to cultural definition, and our culture still hasn’t figured out how to handle fat.” –Natalie Angier1 [Read more…]

Planet Estrogen: Hormone Therapy, Training and Diet

A common concern amongst many women is how their hormones affect their exercise training and diet. Women’s bodies are influenced by fluctuations in hormones not only throughout the normal monthly reproductive cycle, but also throughout their entire lives. Both men and women experience a significant change in hormones at the onset of puberty and sexual maturation. For the remainder of their lives, men normally have less significant fluctuations in their sex hormone levels until approaching middle age. Studies document a gradual decline in sex hormones past the age of 40 years. Women, however, may see great fluctuations in sex hormone levels throughout their adult lives depending on physiological state, contraceptive methods, and menopause. [Read more…]

Connective Tissue Part 4: Glycosaminoglycans

What are glycosaminoglycans?

Proteoglycans are very large molecules consisting of proteins with attached chains of polysaccharides called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)(see Part 1). GAG chains contain repeating units of modified sugars: one of two amino sugars (glucosamine or galactosamine) and a uronic acid. Many of these chains attach to a protein core and are collectively referred to as a proteoglycan (PG) monomer. Imagine, if you will, a bottlebrush with the bristles as GAGs. The molecular weight of a PG monomer may be one million. In articular cartilage, up to a hundred of these monomers can link to a hyaluronic acid chain to form a PG aggregate. The molecular weight of the aggregate may be as much as 100,000,000. [Read more…]

Connective Tissue Part 3: The Good and the Bad Continued…

As was discussed in Part II of this series, the major impact of diet upon connective tissue integrity is a deficiency in energy intake, usually associated with inadequate protein and carbohydrates. Aside from its role in mediation of inflammation, there is little research in effects of dietary fats on connective tissue. Micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) have many documented roles in cellular function and thus are critical in the wound healing process. Of nearly any population, athletes generally maintain an adequate diet specifically designed to meet the demands of their sport. Most athletes eat a balanced diet that adequately supplies both macro and micronutrients. Therefore, defects in collagen, elastin and proteoglycan metabolism are generally only seen as a result of deficiencies or excess. As well, successful healing of connective tissue injuries will rely on the presence of adequate nutritional stores. The roles of micronutrients in connective tissue injury healing are discussed in Part III of this series. [Read more…]

Connective Tissue Part 2: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

In Part I of this series, readers were introduced to basic histology and physiology of connective tissue. We learned that all connective tissue has similar components, although the proportions of these components vary. These variations impart the mechanical and biochemical attributes to specific connective tissue. To illustrate, mechanical properties of articular cartilage that allow it to absorb impact and resist wear are partially due to the large proteoglycan aggregates. [Read more…]

Connective Tissue Part 1: Tissue in Action

Athletes are mostly concerned with increasing strength or speed in specific activities. Increasing muscle size and power, endurance abilities, fuel utilization efficiency: these are often the primary concerns in training. We spend much time, effort and money in maximizing our muscle capabilities. However, an integral part of our anatomy often takes a back seat: connective tissue. [Read more…]

Female Athletes and Menstrual Irregularities

What sets the female gender apart most from the male is the dynamic rhythmicity of the reproductive cycle. Dynamic fluctuations in hormone levels cyclically prepare the female human body for propagation of the species despite the volitional intent to produce children. Today, more women are participating in sports activities and training has become increasingly intense. Consequently, the effect of exercise and nutrition on women’s reproductive and metabolic physiology has become an important aspect of sports pathology. What happens to women’s bodies when the ever-changing circus of hormones is altered by exercise and diet? [Read more…]