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    Scapula Retraction, How Long?

    goodness no! the whole point of rowing is to get your back involved. your scapula should move thoughout the entire rep The way I now do it the arms are so minimized that it's almost like a backwards shrug.
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    Skipping Days

    Not a huge deal, just don't stuff your face with food after day 2 post workout.
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    The gym is defo a catch22 situation

    I go through the same thought processes as you probably 2-3x per year. With me it's different though, I have such a fast metabolism and low appetite that if I eat according to my hunger I will lose 5 lbs. per month. If I get sick, that becomes 5 lbs/WEEK. So I go through cycles of losing and...
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    Nitric Oxide..

    does this NO have a similar effect to viagra?
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    Cardio and Leg Training

    Depends on the cardio. Some cardio is leg-taxing like cycling or elliptical machines. Running or swimming on the other hand distributes the muscular work so is less likely to tire anything. I'd say keep the running, cardio is good fo ryou
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    Stomach Vacuums

    You know something odd, I know my core strength must have skyrocketed because the core exercises are all much easier. However, even given all the touted benefits of having a strong core, I don't feel particularly enabled, and nor have my strength increases been particularly impressive. You...
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    Stomach Vacuums

    yeah I totally forgot you bought the book... your question seems redundant now that you have it. How are you liking the program coincidentally?
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    Stomach Vacuums

    alright fine, I think vacuums are pointless if you can already activate your TVA frequently. Also, keeping your waistline trim ... I think that would only happen if your TVA was in a chronic state of tightness, which might happen if you worked vacuums to lactic acid failure. Certainly not worth...
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    Stomach Vacuums

    search vacuums, I think there was a thread recently. with respect to core work, I advise looking into core performance by mark verstegen. My core strength has increased ridiculously. The first time I did the core exercises I was panting and dripping sweat. Now they're almost easy, and that's...
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    Rounded Shoulders

    A lot of bbers get the rounded shoulder look from doing steroids, which preferentially grows the shoulder girdle muscles due to higher concentration of androgen receptors. So the current bodybuilding culture's concept of "good shoulders" ends up meaning "steroid shoulders.&quot...
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    boxing-specific weight training

    What about bench tosses on the smitch machine? there's a way to easily and safely train explosively without chains or bands and no, I WISH it was the RSF... wouldn't have to pay private gym fees ;)
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    boxing-specific weight training

    I recently started taking mixed martial arts (MMA)... it's like muy thai/brailian jiu-jitsu/wrestling/me getting exhausted. Right now I'm performing the Core Performance workout by Mark Verstegen (google it or amazon it, it's a book) Basically designed to be a covers-every-base type workout...
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    Pictures everyone?

    page 7 of the results thread. or just here
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    Weight Gainers

    Most weight gainers are big buckets of sugar with some whey thrown in. There's this carb loophole they take advantage of... There's a carb called maltodextrin. It's a disaccharide, so not technically sugar, but has a higher GI than pure glucose. They make it chiefly maltodextrin and then it...
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    HST for new lifters

    hah! Appreciate the input. Actually, the covert goal of this is to give them a routine that's effective yet both flexible and formulaic so they don't have to bother me later ;) I get bugged a lot with "hey man, you're all into weights, you gotta show me sometime!" I'm like...
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    HST for new lifters

    Having (sort of) been a personal trainer, as well as a weights enthusiast for a few years now, I have a lot of credibility with my friends. I have a lot of people I know who ask me to "train" them. Now if they were giving me 50+ dollars per hour, I'd do a postural assessment and try...
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    Synthol Use among professionals?

    xahrx--- that's about as obviously synthol as you can get. In fact, that could be a standard for which to compare other suspected synthol bodyparts
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    Where'd you get your username?

    omg, you're back! where have you been?!?
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    Feels too I doing it wrong?

    I do more sets during the 5's to offset decreased reps. You could try that.
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    Hard gainer

    hard-gainer = under-eater just eat more. If the complaint is, "I can't put on weight!" Then the one-sentence answer is always "eat more." If the complaint is, "i'm putting on weight and too much of it is fat," then the answer is more complicated and involves...