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    testosterone levels

    12.5 What? Whether this was ng/mL, nmol/L or ng/dL makes a world of difference.
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    psychology of HST

    <div> (Bob Evans @ Mar. 05 2006,15:33)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Ok  what is in-roading?  fausto et. al. ? Bod</div> A HIT term used to indicate the depth of fatigue and therefore the impact of the stimulus.
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    Eating Clean vs Eating 'dirty'

    <div> (Totentanz @ Mar. 05 2006,09:46)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Yeah, it does depend... but when I'm on a bulk and eating &quot;dirty&quot; I don't have any obvious problems with lack of nutrients, etc.  That's on over 4000 calories a day though.  I believe it would be...
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    psychology of HST

    <div> (Fausto @ Mar. 05 2006,05:04)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">That is not exactly what he's referring to, have you read the pimp my HST e-book? I see they are not available on-line now due to some problem om the site,</div> I also posted a new link to the version I...
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    Customizing HST

    Since the file has been lost during the conversion, I took the version I helped Jules convert to pdf and posted in on my site. You can find it at If anyone has a copy of the last release by Jules please email it to me and I'll upload it to my...
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    Eating Clean vs Eating 'dirty'

    Depends on the foods eaten and what their makeup is. Besides, momma says eating twinkies all day will turn you into a twinkie, momma says ;)
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    15-10-5 reduce weight on extra sets?

    Work is a factor, this isn't even disputable. What is disputable is how much work is needed. Now naturally if you increase the load and do the same number of reps you increase work but in this case you increase the load and do not do the same # reps overall. What can be done, well ...... add a...
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    Does this workout look good?

    Looks fine. I deleted your other thread it was identical to this one. The only time twice is really nice, is where the barbie twins are concerned. Or those hot twins from American Idol
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    HST nuby questions

    1. If it interferes with your frequency, no. Otherwise sure. 2.Very rarely can one gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously. It's much easier to concentrate on one or the other. 3.What difference does it make? Hardgainer or not if your diet is in check (where most people go wrong) and you are...
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    15-10-5 reduce weight on extra sets?

    Me personally I don't see it as noobie does. In order to maintain the amount of work (something I feel is important) througout the entire cycle it may be necessary to drop the load on sucessive sets. I also can not see how the first reps are more advantageous for inducing hypertrophy. It's a...
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    Tips on figuring out 15, 10, & 5 Rep Maxes

    I added to the setup a cycle FAQ a while back just ot address this. If you haven't read it here is the link.;t=4626
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    My HST Routine-Advice Appreciated

    No way............. Ilfacell posted OMG
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    HST and Dieting

    Here's the thing, if you are merely interested in losing weight then a scale is fine, if you are interested in recompositioning your body then a myotape and mirror are better. Mirror explained Affix the full length mirror to the wall. Put a mark on the floor where you will stand each and...
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    Found 15RM / 10RM / 5RM...  help zig-zag

    No my bad, I don't read all the posts like I used too. Overall I wouldn't worry about it. Repeating a weight a couple three times isn't going to make or break the overall cycle. But if it concerns you enough then by all means, go ahead. ANother thing instead of spending 8-12 bucks on wrist...
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    Found 15RM / 10RM / 5RM...  help zig-zag

    The main idea to cause as much of a difference in your starting weight and end weight. There are constraints on anything we try, so use what you have available. If your gym only has such and such then use it. BTW your Lateral Raise do not have any zig zag, your are progressivley loading them...
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    Max Size Calculator

    Max Size Calculator
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    HST and Dieting

    Step 1. Take the scale and chunk it as far as you can throw it. Step 2. Buy a full length mirror and grease pen Step 3. Buy a myotape Step 4. Track you energy intake and use daily USe the mirror and myotape to gauge your dieting sucess by having your significant other mark your prominent...
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    question about 5's

    <div> (davewins @ Feb. 25 2006,22:15)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Ok, thanx for all the replies.  How about doing the 5's again with the same increments except just add 5 pounds to each exercise for the RM??  Would that be a good way to do it??</div> Only if your 1RM...
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    doing 15 reps is good for cutting?? &nbsp;Please help..

    Only a myth in the realm that 15 reps or higher does something magical. It all comes down to how much energy is used.
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    good news for us old farts

    I'll wait to read the actual first instead of someones interpretation.