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    New protein supp

    I can always trust the skeptics here... so what do you know about the "new" protein that Alex Rogers is hyping called "Rifle"
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    It's like meat...sort of.

    I'm more concerned about the lack of regulation of real meat? What about the crazy hormones, antibiotics, and steroids they feed the cows.. I have no clue what quorn is putting in their food product..but if we seriously care, I'm pretty sure mad cow, or the system that produces our milk and...
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    Strength & muscles

    In my experience, what usually happens is no matter what i'm doing exercise, the more I eat, the better gains I get. now granted.. I was on the skinny end.. going from 135/140 to 165/170. The gains, i'd say, are mostly muscle... hard gained. And can't avoid getting fat in my experience...
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    Olive Oil for calories

    So UDOs oils are good for EFAs then? they have n-3, and n-9 (I think)
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    Switching Gyms

    I might consider switching gyms to one with more females, and one with an indoor basketball court. I'm at worlds gym right now, and it is cheap enough to outweigh the other stuff. So price and right equipment outweigh the former issues... though it would be nice to have them.
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    Protein content in Driver

    I have been using the HSN driver for over a year is great stuff. I'm only a bit confused by the difference in protein between bottles. Some bottles have 24g of protein, some have 18g. Some have a 70 cc scoop, some have a 50cc scoop. I'm just wondering which scoop/bottle/etc coresponds...
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    alkaline diet discussion

    Funny.. my mammy is going apeshit trying to get me to cut fat free milk (and instead drink whole milk) from my diet and try to get more alkaline. Does anyone know if the the whole thing is just total bullshit?
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    Morning Cardio

    Is the jury out on this one? i've read both that it burns calories..and that it can mobilize stubborn fat (I think) What do you all think is best? I'm going to try and use high intensity interval training.. no matter what time of the day I do it.
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    Vegetarian diet

    Look for all of the soy proteins... you can find soy ground and all sorts of other soy products... chick patties, riblits.. it's all just soy designed for people who like the taste of meat--but refuse on ideological grounds.... and actually, some of this stuff I have found to be pretty good...
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    sweetener 950 and 951 in Protein supps

    I agree about aspartame. I personally cannot handle aspartame. Every time I consume it, it gave me the runs. Although, Splenda and sucralose don't bother me a bit. And you are dead right about the drug companies being no where without cancer, though, I should caution that it can be a...
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    I've been taking Flax Seed oil thinking it was a good thing to consume... but i've read that there are differences between "EFAs". Is flax seed oil an EFA, or should I aim for something different? What are the benefits of this stuff anyway because I've got 24 ounces in my fridge
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    "aussie caseinate"

    I've been searching online for cheaper protein supplements, aussie casinate is 6 bucks a pound. I'm wondering if it's the equivilent of what's in HSN driver? Anyone know anything about it?
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    Dextrose isn't a supplement I could find in the FAQ..but a few people I've spoken with speak highly of it. What does it do? and how and when should it be taken?
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    Yet another protein question

    Hi.. I just read Bryan's bit on protein in his newsletter. I think I grasp it--but i'd like to be certain. If i'm taking a whey protein (with creatine and dextrose) prior to working out. It doesn't really matter that much what the 'quality' is so long as I can digest it? (and as long as I...
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    Try just using the standard 5g dosage and forget loading. I take creatine..and I don't pee any differently. My pee gets more yellow if I take more vitamins..and if your #### is green I would give it a couple of days.. and then see a doctor.
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    Ok. Well I only take 5g MWF--and before cardio days. I may need to up it just a little.
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    I can't find this in the FAQ. Should I be taking 5gs of creatine on my non-training days--just to keep up the stores?
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    It will Kill you, creatine that is!

    Well.. governmental regulation (unless it is driven in through popular forces) Serves the business community. So that could make some sense. A favorite quote of mine was from the early 20th century American philosopher John Dewey "Politics is the shadow cast over society by big...
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    BBs' poor, helpless kidneys

    Eskimos. High fat, high protein, few carbs. The one thing i'm uncertain of is if there is an average population difference in life span. Check it out if you're interested and post back. I'm working on another problem right now.
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    Prime and Driver +

    Ok--i'm going to try out the prime and drive +. My question is mainly one regarding the distinction between the protein powder and the MRP. I doubt one is 'better' than the other. I have both in my possession, and i'm wondering what my best plan of action should be. I am a bit...