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    Preworkout, Postworkout Shakes

    About non-100% protein powders, how simple carbs-like is the carb part, usually?
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    Bottled pasteurized liquid egg white

    Interesting. I'll add the whole egg, as I read somewhere that you get a better amino profile that way. Mad cook scientist time! I'd like to try some way of making a shake of it, perhaps with milk plus a bit of chocolate, I don't know.
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    Bottled pasteurized liquid egg white

    Today I have found in my nearest supermarket this bottled pasteurized liquid egg white product: 300 gr. of the thing (plus conservant E-whatever) kept cold, at an interesting price (compared to your typical 12 fresh egg pack). It seems an interesting base for preparing a protein shake. Don't...
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    Where are you from?

    Hi all. I'm from Spain. I live in Valencia City, in the centre of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline. For all of you who know what a "paella" is, this popular dish was originated at the Valencian Community :) You can learn more from my hometown here:
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    Flax Seed Oil storage

    My only practical source of flax oil supplementation here in Spain is a small Olympus Sport store nearby who sells ASN Flax Oil ('Advanced Scientific Nutrition' seems to be OS’s own brand). My issue is: this Flax Oil is stored in not-so-opaque white plastic bottles (you can see through a bit)...