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    Question for veteran lifters only (2 or more yrs)

    dang Jester ! I'm just a lurker here, but you gone ruined any possible friendship with that. I logged on to re-read some of the posts, cause my calves are lagging :mad: . Have your calves always been easy to grow or do you have some secrets other than the higher rep / very heavy / pause at the...
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    Neat Gym Equipment

    Thanks, taken down by the flu so haven't had a chance to follow up. Since I work out at home,I am looking for something a little more confidence inspiring than my Trojan power cage when squatting in the 5's and their stuff looks good. I didn't realize there were other South African's on the...
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    Neat Gym Equipment

    Does look pretty good !! Do you have any idea of the prices ? I might drop by their Libro Park office to check it out some time ! Thanks !!
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    How do you spend your free time?

    What's this "free time" thing you speak of ?   I play some action cricket and squash once a week. Squeeze in a round of golf every few months and get dragged down to the soccer pitch by the boss occasionally. Other than that, I've got a guitar gathering dust that I used to be able to...
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    New guy here, plan to start HST this September

    Hi Frank, welcome ! I'll leave the routine critique to those in the know. Zig-zagging is when your starting weight of the rep range is lower than the finishing weight on the previous range. So between ranges your weight zig-zags backwards then forwards again as you increment. Try this from the...
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    Thanks Dan / BoSox , got it straightend out now. Boy did I really have the bull by the udder on this thing Now that the detour is over, perhaps somebody could comment on the original question - what happens if you aren't getting enough in your diet? PS. This help put things in perspective a...
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    Got it, just wondering why we can't get them "directly" in supplement form rather than relying on fish oils with their EPA/DHA to be converted ? Having said that I do enjoy my tuna / walnuts etc. and the really technical explaination would probably be over my head, but I keep feeling...
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    I hope I'm not hijacking this thread or taking it in a direction you didn't intend semajes, but after all the recent EFA threads I'm more confused than ever and your question is exactly what I've been pondering too! Dan, did you mean converted "to" rather than "from" ? If...
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    Should fish oil and CLA be taken on alternate days

    Can't comment for Ruhl, but my diet hasn't been great for awhile... I'm fortunate, got a few connections in the industry and I get Tonalin at a great price (actually less expensive than my fish oils at the moment), so can afford to use "absurdly high" doses. Still curious to know if...
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    Should fish oil and CLA be taken on alternate days

    Bump - I take mine together, am I just wasting money ?
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    eca stack

    For what it's worth I don't use caffeine or efeDRINE, but ALA on it's own makes me burp for some minutes after taking it. Best to be safe rather than sorry though, unless someone more knowledgable has better input.
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    Training with a Hiatus hernia

    Thanks for that reassurance ! I suspected as much and common sense prevailed ! I did my work out tonight. The symptoms have been around intermittently for over 2 years so I guessed another workout or 2 before I asked the doc wouldn't hurt any more. I have some acid damage which the doc is...
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    Training with a Hiatus hernia

    Hi all, Just been diagnosed with a medium sized hiatus hernia and associated GERD. The doc didn't specifically say anything about not training, but I was more interested in the groovy way the room was spinning at the time to actually ask about training. I'm onto my 2nd workout in the 10's and...
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    Can't remember the source, but read somewhere recently that regular coffee drinkers become "immune" to the diuretic effect of coffee and can count it toward their fluid intake. I'm not convinced myself, but will dig up the details and post.
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    Vegtable intake

    Yep, thanks! That does help.I get enough servings of the veggies in, I was just concerned that the lack of variety may mean I'm missing something. I'll not even comment on the fruit situation which needs work !! Thanks for the help !
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    Vegtable intake

    Hi All, I started keeping a food diary for the first time and it highlighted a few things, most of them expected like I get too much fat etc. I have however noticed that I tend to always eat the same veggies.Lots of salad everyday,(lettice,tomato,cucumber ,avo and sprouts) with the odd servings...
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    In Response to the HST Creatine FAQ

    I know taking it "rectally" would affect uptake in my case ! There wouldn't be any up take because I wouldn't be supplementing!!
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    What Causes Soreness

    Stepping in front of a moving bus ? Edit: Sorry, that's the first thing that came to mind and I just coudn't resist
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    How many carbs before a person enters ketosis?

    Yep, varies quite a bit. For me I need to keep it below 25 grams and also takes about 3 days. My missus gets there in a day and a bit, but when she does a keto diet she's pretty strict and tries to keep it at 15 grams max. Hope that helps. Edit: Not sure where I read it, but the general...
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    Where are you from?

    Thought I'd post here now that I can brag !! I'm from the home town of Charlize Theron - Benoni, South Africa ! Regards, Justin.