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  1. Fausto

    6th HST Cycle

    One thing I noticed is both the deads and leg press in the same day, if they were squats maybe it'd be worst. How's the lower back feeling? If you start struggling thsi could be the reason (the 2 big guys together) so...alternate them...either every other day or AM/PM. You did not show how you...
  2. Fausto

    My HST Routine

    Hi there and...welcome! Your alternating suggestioin is exactly what I woul have suggested. As Tot already pointed out it is a good workout! The order too is right, big'uns first then the smaller stuff. Happy lifting
  3. Fausto


    Hey Here's what I found so far: I can also say I have read that egg whites amount to the purest form of protein and therefore (albumin) is used as a standard from which to measure other proteins efficiencies. Safest yet - no more than 2 - 3 yolks per day for most (except allergics) and egg...
  4. Fausto


    Hey I have some pics, just not before/afer and...I was not posing, rather doing something.... Will do though as soon as I have camera. Agree with Tot...many are shy, but there is quite a bit of pics, not all before/after... Be patient and they will start coming.
  5. Fausto

    Is HST really the best?

    Curt <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I've only had mediocre results with HST, mostly because of inconsistency and not eating enough.</div> Seriously, now. A bit of a silly argument if you ask me, specially knowing that you were inconsistent and not eating enough...
  6. Fausto

    What qualifies as a "slight-incline"?

    Drew1 15 degrees or so! Plates under the bench qualifies I guess when you cannot change the bench. For once I'll mention Mentzer he said in different words &quot;a slight incline bench provides a longer ROM and is the best way to hit the entire chest area&quot; My argument is more from a...
  7. Fausto

    psychology of HST

    Dan...the man. Thanks for that, and for the other info too... Rob - if I were to implement in-roading into HST, it'd mean getting as close as possible to failure without actually hitting it...but Dan, once again nailed it in the head Prof...I did not maen for you to take the SD suggestion...
  8. Fausto

    psychology of HST

    Prof To be honest with you, you need to when you SD next time, take a huge SD 14 days or so, only then would you feel like you are doing the HST thing! To keep the volume constant you should have done: 15's - 1 set / 10's - 2 sets and 5's 3 sets alternatively you could opt for huigher...
  9. Fausto

    15-10-5 reduce weight on extra sets?

    Faz Makes perfect sense to have higher volume as you have lower frequency. What I am trying to show is how the volume is kept fairly level throughout a HST macrocycle.
  10. Fausto

    15-10-5 reduce weight on extra sets?

    xarfox Here's the thing, the most important set is your first work set (most of us warm up....he...he..he ) Then the 2nd and 3rd sets, just do as many reps as you can, or as the guys say cluster your reps to hit the required rep number, a more effective way of doing it, I'd say! The reason...
  11. Fausto

    Routine Review

    Racky I see I started a mini-revolution with the Comp+iso workout 5x week. For the life of me I cannot find much to improve on your workout, maybe B/B bentover rows or T-bar rows, instead of d/b rows, then again, matter of preference For your arms, try breaking each rep into 2 or even 3...
  12. Fausto


    Lol I found my best yet to be 130 Kg = +/- 290 Lbs. I also did not do ass to the grass as i simply couldn't, however i go as low as i can. It felt as tough my spine was being compressed! BTW - I only weight 156 Lbs. which is 70 Kg, so i think I could not go much higher, if I can reach 140 -...
  13. Fausto

    My HST Routine-Advice Appreciated

    Faz, Drew Ah, finally...darn thing was taking too long. I actually posted the link to that article somehere, it is too long as an article to post. Here it is: &quot;Cracking the rotator cuff conundrum&quot;
  14. Fausto

    question about 5's

    Dave Let's take for instance the hypothesis that you are doing 5 RM for the second week of 5's, but on the very first day you find you can do 6 or even 7 reps, then increment, else repeat the weights. Both Nav and Lol gave you very good advice, use it and you will progress! Cheers
  15. Fausto

    3rd Cycle Results

    Colby Howdy mate? Hummm.........liked the cycle hey? <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Notes and comments from my cycle: AM/PM is tough to do when schedule gets busy... I fell down to 3-5x/week in the 2nd week of the 10's due to a lot of studying that was...
  16. Fausto

    Do I need SD for this cycle ?

    Scopestuff Although I agree with Tot, I'd stiall say if you spend a good week getting all your maxes right, you could indeed phase in a nice week's SD. However it is not that important for now, remeber to use it though in the future as it should be! Enjoy!
  17. Fausto

    My 1st cycle results *with pics*

    Beaul <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">Fausto, Thanks for the tips. 4000 throughout? If you think this will help i will give it a try. If i see fat gain should i cut it back to 3800 a day or cut back on non-workout days? </div> Your best bet is to keep one calory...
  18. Fausto

    Time off question

    Nick That happens to one sometimes (unavoidabl e) I'd say delichani is right, don't worry and start the 10's over, you should not have lost much.
  19. Fausto

    Working out while sore??

    Dave <div></div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">I have never worked out on sore muscles.</div> Maybe that is why you never really got good results before? Whilst you wil get sore from training initially, with HST that eventually fades away, typically you should be always a...
  20. Fausto

    Question about increments

    GT Welcome to HST. How do you mean? Adjust up or down? This would only mean you either take longer or shorter time to reach your rep max I have said this maybe a thousand times, but I guess I'll have to keep saying it! Try the normal HST cycle before attempting your own changes. How...