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    Convince Me That 5 With 5rm Is Superior To 10 With 10rm...

    The current opinion is that the last 5 reps of a set are the most effective, but again - this is splitting hairs and largely unimportant in the grand scheme of things (progressive loading + a "sweet spot" range of frequency and volume).
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    Convince Me That 5 With 5rm Is Superior To 10 With 10rm...

    I agree with what Simon says wrt the conditioning of the tissue that needs to be taken into account...and we don’t have reliable data, so we are essentially trying to hit a moving target and the total number of "effective" reps should be taken into consideration - but as Bryan has pointed out...
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    Upcoming Article In T Nation

    Charles is basically saying a lot of the same stuff that I’ve been discussing on the recent Q&As for Sustainable Self-Development, some of it verbatim - almost makes me think that he has been listening :D
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    Integrating Myoreps Into Standard Hst Program

    Yes, during the 15s and 10s is my recommendation. I have already tweaked and refined it into an HST-based template, integrated it with a nutritional template and lifestyle habits and created a course...18 years after I first heard of HST, this is the overarching progression model I have landed...
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    More Support For Myo And Effective Reps

    Yeah, and I think Lyle did a great review on it here:
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    The Big Mistake With Hst

    People will claim something doesn’t work because they are ignorant. If they were right, they would also have to claim that progressive loading and a moderate frequency doesn’t work, thus sweeping a LOT of effective programs under the same bus.
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    Reverse Hyper - Thoughts And Experiences?

    I’m not a big fan of it, unless we are talking high reps with lower loads and a controlled cadence. The usual way of performing it when ego takes over is to use heavy weights and momentum to do the work, which doesn’t add any stimulus to the hip extensors but places a lot of loading and flexion...
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    More Support For Myo And Effective Reps

    I have no problems with that, as long as it is furthering our collective understanding of how we can get stronger and make a muscle grow. What I have a problem with are the current debates and arguments where people are getting all riled up because some new study apparently should make us forget...
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    Thanks, that is awesome feedback! :D
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    More Support For Myo And Effective Reps

    Point being that you don’t need to slow down your reps intentionally, you will move slower due to either fatigue at higher reps or the loads being heavy at lower reps.
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    Some Exercise Suggestions...

    Awesome! :) I also had a higher frequency (full-body) at the beginning and dropped down to a 2x/week (actually 2x in 8-9 days) for the 5s, doing cluster reps and even MaxStim at the very end.
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    I think the squeeze press is a good option if you don’t have cables.
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    This Is Why Myo Reps Work

    Sounds like Lyle, yes.
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    This Is Why Myo Reps Work

    I think the basic premise is exactly what I presented when I introduced the concept of "effective reps" back in the day. This is not to say that the reps leading up to those last 3-5 reps don’t do anything, and I don’t think that’s what Beardsley is implying either - but people seem to want to...
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    A reasonable job, as could be expected from some PT who likes to read and wanted to share a cool method he came over in order get attention for it :D
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    Muscle Memory And Workout Variety

    The video talks about a study where males trained to grow their muscles, took time off, restarted training and their muscle mass increased faster than before. Would love to see the study reference.
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    Muscle Memory And Workout Variety

    Maybe there’s something to this Strategic Deconditioning, eh? :D
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    Rest-pause Instead Of Normal Sets...

    As mentioned in the other thread, I actually tend to think a rest-pause/Myo-reps approach should be used exclusively (depending on the exercise, of course) for the 15s and 10s, as it checks all the boxes for muscle growth at those loads by inducing more metabolic stress, higher average MU...
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    Ah Ha, Think I Caught On To Something....
  20. Blade

    Ah Ha, Think I Caught On To Something....

    I have 5-6 exercises - where 1 Myo-rep set is approx 1:30 in duration - so that’s 9 minutes total. I do 1-2 warm-up sets depending on the exercise, but pair up 2-3 so I’m getting my HR up at the same time. Not very hard to get in a full-body workout in 30mins, but yeah - as I get closer to my...