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  1. Hypertrophy Research
  2. Strategic Deconditioning
  3. RT conserves LBM in dieting women
  4. Getting old Sucks
  5. Weighing  your Whey
  6. Reduced Anabolic Potential
  7. Workout while fasting
  8. Protein Drink during training; PS changes
  9. Gene response to light weight w/wo occlusion
  10. Genes RT w/wo creatine
  11. Elevated Circulating Hormones on RE AKT Signalling
  12. NSAIDS the Flip Side
  13. Damage relationship to hypertrophy
  14. You take the low load I'll take high load
  15. Do we really grow after training?
  16. Intraset rest or no rest?
  17. One set or multiple sets?
  18. Influence of preexercise muscle glycogen content
  19. Muscle Memory
  20. KAATSU training
  21. Repeated Bout Effect
  22. Current Opinion in Sports Med 2008
  23. J Physiol. 2008 Jun 12.
  24. Hydration
  25. NASA Research on hypertrophy
  26. Stem cell and hypertrophy
  27. 'Mighty Mice' Made Mightier
  28. Invention: Muscle-fatigue blocker
  29. http://www.hypertrophy-research.com
  30. Insight into RBE or rather PS in the trained state
  31. Increasing Volume AND Tension
  32. Age-related differences in dose response of muscle
  34. Hormonal Circadian Rhythm
  35. AMPK-Now if we can only control it
  37. Intensity and MPS
  38. Fractional synthesis rates feeding and training
  39. Translational signalling correlates to Hypertrophy
  40. Getting started in cellular biology.
  41. Matt Lauer can suck it!
  42. Hypertrophy-Research.com
  43. Training on fasting stomach
  44. New study on creatine show more benefits
  45. 20g protein after exercise
  46. Periodic fasting can have positive effects on a
  47. Studies that support the Health & Fitness Concept
  48. Protein synthesis has a shorter duration
  49. Differences in connective tissue adaptations
  50. Oral contraceptives can prevent muscle growth
  51. Lower absorption of amino acids in muscle protein
  52. Myostatin
  53. Is it what you eat?
  54. Flex magazine study from 2005 on sets / reps / frequency
  55. Zanchi et al Cell Biochem Funct 2010; 28: 232Ė238.
  56. Well hot damn
  57. Eat a steak but not a big one
  58. Coming soon I'm sure
  59. The Fall of The Greatest Theory of Muscle Growth
  60. Tipton Interview
  61. Building muscle doesn't require lifting heavy weights: study
  62. Myonuclei acquired by overload exercise precede hypertrophy and are not lost on detra
  63. Old Hypertrophy-Research site
  64. The Top 5 Exercise Journals
  65. Anabolic processes in human skeletal muscle
  66. Evidence-Based Approach to Fitness/Sport Performance
  67. Forget the roids get a heating pad instread
  68. Acute Increase in Hormones helps Muscle Growth
  69. Applied Physiology Study on Repeat Bout Effect
  70. How To Read a Study - The Pyramid of Outcomes
  71. X-reps
  72. Applied effort vs load.
  73. Is Exercise the Magic Pill?
  74. Testosterone and muscle hypertrophy - differing takes on same study.
  75. Why We Need an Evidence-Based Approach in the Fitness Field
  76. Resistance exercise load does not determine training-mediated hypertrophic gains in y
  77. Load doesn't matter...or does it?
  78. Study showing lack of repeated bout effect in chronically trained lifters.
  79. hypertrophy from isometrics
  80. All I care about are results and not evidence or science
  81. Strategic Deconditioning Vindicated?
  82. Muscle Memory
  83. Studies are conflicting so I donít believe in scientific studies
  84. Myostatin's inhibitors are useless!!!
  85. Low 15 RM percentage