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  1. Performance Research
  2. DOMS and cardioacceleration
  3. Warm Up and Jump performance
  4. Combined training & sprint perf w/ Elite Sprinters
  5. Front and Back squats; sprint performance
  6. Gamers and Nutriton
  7. Judo practice and immune function
  8. Strongman training, the metabolic costs
  9. Fiber type composition and # of reps
  10. Watermelon
  11. Triathlons
  12. Muscle Recovery vs. Neurologic Recovery
  13. Cellular and molecular events controlling skeletal
  14. Resistance Exercise Reverses Aging
  15. Fiber type schmiber type
  16. 2009 ACSM Position Stand
  17. KAATSU and metabolic cost versus normal loading
  18. Weight Lifting in Women...
  19. Nonlinear periodization better than linear
  20. Static stretching before exercise
  21. Training with elastic bands gave up to
  22. More about the contradictory effects
  23. Garlic prevents fatigue!
  24. MCT-oil for better performance
  25. Comparison Between LP and DUP
  26. Auto-regulation better than linear progression!
  27. ISSN official position on caffeine and performance
  28. Frequency Study on Powerlifters
  29. Does Foam Rolling work?