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08-05-2011, 12:17 PM
Need a little critique on my current plan. Seems like I am experiencing strength gains in all areas but Squats. Deads are ok no probs yet. Hard for me to figure why I am feeling so weak on one exercise. Each Squat session has been a struggle. So i tested my 10rm at 275 prior to SD, and had diffuculty completing 8 reps today. I achieved all other 10 rm weights with remaining exercises. Anyway here is my alternating workout. Any ideas? As a side note I have been walking for 45 minutes in the evening with my wife and daughter nothing strenuous. Thanks all

Standing Leg Curl
Weighted Dips
DB Press
Bar Curls
Calf Raises (on vertical leg press)
Weighted Crunches

Bench Press
Pendlay Rows
DB Press
ALt. DB Curl
Overhead DB Ext.
Calf Raises (Leg Press)
Weighted Leg Lifts

08-06-2011, 10:28 AM
My workout yesterday:

Squats 275 x 8 (Major Struggle)
Standing Leg Curl 35 x 10
Dips BW+45 x 10
Pullups BW (215) x 10
Seated Db Press 60's x 10
Ez bar Curls 95 x 10 (last one was cheated)
Skullcrushers 90 x 10
Calf Press (vertical leg press) 375 x 10
Weighted leg lifts +10 x 15 (2 sets)
Weighted Bosu Crunches +10 held behind head x 15 (2 sets)

Good workout considering I had about 5 hours sleep. Hit all of my goal weights other than squat. Was one of those times that Your running behind all day. Normally I would have done a second set of 5 with each exercise, but ran outta time! Now on to two weeks of 5's. Hoping to finally break a strength plateau that I have been at for some time. Till next time, good luck to all

08-06-2011, 05:49 PM
Standing Leg Curl
Weighted Dips
DB Press
Bar Curls
Calf Raises (on vertical leg press)
Weighted Crunches

Bench Press
Pendlay Rows
DB Press
ALt. DB Curl
Overhead DB Ext.
Calf Raises (Leg Press)
Weighted Leg Lifts
I think you do way too many exercises in my opinion, you should focus more on a few compound movements instead. Have you posted in the "Simplify and Win" thread? If not, I strongly suggest it because many of your exercises are unnecessary/tiresome. They might be hindering growth in the squat but just make sure you're eating above maintenance, sleeping and doing the exercises right so you can grow regardless. Good luck!

08-08-2011, 10:15 AM
I haven't had a chance to check out that thread as of yet, but I will have to look it up. I guess it could be alot of things. I have a young daughter and sleep can be hard to come by sometimes lol, but I make fueling my body a top priority. I have gained about 7 lbs. so far sice starting the program. Not really trying to bulk per say but 7lbs is pretty good for me. Thanks for the advice. I guess Im afraid of not traininig arms and plus I enjoy it lol.

Today's Workout 3 sets each
Will Do Abs Later Felt Strong today after restful weekend. Finally it didnt feel like a cardio session during deadlifts. 15's and 10's are rough!

Deadlifts 300 x 5
Bench Press 195 x 5
Wide Chins BW +10 x5
DB Press 60's X 5
Calf Press 400 x 5
Alt DB Curl 45's X 5
Overhead Bar Ext 90 x 5

08-08-2011, 08:22 PM
Yeah, I highly suggest you check out the thread. It's sticky-ed because numerous members have gained good solid help from advanced members that chip in to provide easy and productive exercises. Good luck man.

08-09-2011, 10:43 AM
I appreciate the advice! I feel pretty drained today which is an indicator that I may be doing a tad much. I think i will immediately drop the arm work, which would leave me with 5 exercises. I think that is probably more reasonable considering I will be training to failure for 2 weeks later on.

08-09-2011, 11:17 AM
Yeah, you should do chins though because they work arms and lats efficiently. Why are you going to be training to failure? You mean negatives?

08-09-2011, 02:30 PM
During weeks 7 and 8. I was a little confused, I thought you were supposed to train with your 5 rm the last two weeks and add weight if you can. Is that the best way or should i do like a 3 rm cycle? Negatives are out cause I train alone. I know progressive load is the name of the game so I wondered what was the best strategy. I've heard drop stes too, but I think thats a bit much for me lol. Any advice?

Condensed Plan
Squat/Deadlift (Alternate)
Bench Press
Weighted Chins
Overhead Press
Calf Raises

08-10-2011, 11:51 AM
You can't do drop sets w/o two guys either. I would just continue with 5RM but you shouldn't be going to failure, you're supposed to go at an intensity that will push you but you won't fail it.

08-11-2011, 02:55 PM
That's true (at least not effectively). I have been so used to training to failure with past programs that sometimes its hard to turn that switch off lol. I will admit that using the hst principles is probably the best way to approach training I have come across. Would it be benficial to do a 5 cycle, then add 5% to the 5 rep max and do another 2 week progression with the weights being slightly more than the previous cycle? In theory it sounds good. I was gonna try that my next cycle with 10's then 5's. Also i kinda just want to really get in a groove and do the same exercises each workout so I was gonna drop calves (just do them on off days) and add in SLDL or Romaniam Deadlift. I just don't like to alternate exercises. It helps me focus to keep it the same. any thoughts?

Yesterdays Workout. Feel great! 3 sets each
Squat 245 x 5
Bench 165 x 5 (my 1st workout I did 195 which was the weight for the 5th workout...DOH!)
Pendlay Rows 155 x 5 (gonna drop and do Chins from now on as a matter of preference)
Push Press 120 x 5 (Only the 5th time I've ever done these...But I like 'em)
Calf Press 375 x 5 (Also did weights outta order on this) Gonna drop I think to add SLDL/Romanian DL

08-11-2011, 07:54 PM
You could try the 5% increase, it's subtle and shouldn't make you go to failure. Just do normal dead lift, it's a mass gainer exercise but alternate it with squat because it does work the lower back heavily. I don't know if I mentioned but have you watched Mark Rippetoes videos on youtube and read his book called Starting Strength? If not, I would highly recommend doing so because you'll learn some stuff about exercises you never knew before and he teaches good form. Um, don't drop Rows... Continue doing them because they really help grow the back. You can still add chins if you want to do them.

08-15-2011, 09:35 AM
I will make sure to check that out! Yeah I kinda new better than to drop deads, already feel like traps are smaller lol. There is no replacement for them. Yeah I guess thats the best way to go. I feel like I am in the groove now with squats. It was just a lack of focus on my part really. A couple times I made the mistake of not doing them first (Bad Idea). I have noticed with hst how much better my form is, not to say that it was bad before. You just learn alot about the lifts and begin to understand how to do them properly and efficiently to hit the target muscles. Thanks for the advice Seeker! My goal is to get these core lifts up to what I feel is a respectable level for 5rm. say 400 squat (currently 300 5rm) 250 bench (currently 210) 20 bw chins @ 215 lb (currently 11 i think) Push Press 185 (140 currently) Deadlift 450 (365 currently). I know it will take awhile, but I think this program will take me there.

Fridays Workout 3 sets each
Squat 260 x 5
Bench Press 175 x 5
Pullups BW x 5
Push Press 125 x 5
SLDL 185 x5 ( 2 sets taking it easy on these)

Todays Workout 3 sets each Felt Good. Feel Like I am in a groove. Can't wait till Wed.
Squat 275 x 5
Bench Press 185 x 5
Pullups BW + 10 x5
Push Press 130 x 5
SLDL 200 x 5 (again Took it easy )

08-15-2011, 06:44 PM
As an update my weight is now 217 at 6' (previous high was 220 about a year ago). That is up from a starting weight of 209. I also noticed during the course of this program that I really didn't notice any hypertrophy to speak of during the 15's cycle but have seen a difference since entering into the heavier weights which is to be expected. I did not do any starting measurements but i can see a difference in my all the larger muscle groups especially traps (thank you deadlifts) I have cut out arm training ( actually a strength of mine)so I will see how that effects their size. I have decided to just go all in and not worry about gaining fat to try to pack on some real mass. In the past i would freak out if I couldn't see definition in my abs, but I want to try to take my strength to new heights. Friday is my 5rm workout so I am excited to see how that weight feels now. Its gonna be hard not to just try to crank out as many reps as I can to see how far I've come, but its a marathon not a race i guess...lol

08-18-2011, 09:52 AM
Wednesdays Workout: Pretty satisfied overall with my progress so far.

Deadlift 345 x 4,4,3 ( I kinda took it easy cause i hadn't done deads for over a week and didn't want to push it)
Bench Press 195 x 5 then 225 x 1,1 (The 225 reps were just for confidence. I just wanted to see what it felt like. I actually think I can do 3 sets of 3)
Pullups BW +20 x 4 sets of 4
Push Press 135 x 4 sets of 4 Then 165 x 1 ( The 165 was heavy for me. This was kind of a heat check cause I felt in a groove)

08-18-2011, 10:09 AM
Looking good T! I hear you about the abs in your previous post. I always felt that muscle definition was my strongest suit but it wasn’t until I got over the fear of putting on some fat that I really started to grow.

I also catch myself getting greedy toward the end of a cycle and want to start testing new 1RMs but in the long run you will benefit more from being patient.

08-18-2011, 11:48 AM
As an update my weight is now 217 at 6' (previous high was 220 about a year ago). That is up from a starting weight of 209. I also noticed during the course of this program that I really didn't notice any hypertrophy to speak of during the 15's cycle but have seen a difference since entering into the heavier weights which is to be expected. I did not do any starting measurements but i can see a difference in my all the larger muscle groups especially traps (thank you deadlifts) I have cut out arm training ( actually a strength of mine)so I will see how that effects their size. I have decided to just go all in and not worry about gaining fat to try to pack on some real mass. In the past i would freak out if I couldn't see definition in my abs, but I want to try to take my strength to new heights. Friday is my 5rm workout so I am excited to see how that weight feels now. Its gonna be hard not to just try to crank out as many reps as I can to see how far I've come, but its a marathon not a race i guess...lol

You got it. My best progress in years was when I just all-out bulked for like 6 months (maybe it was longer?) so I can definitely vouch for your thoughts on that subject. Cutting fat is easy, it just takes time, building muscle is what is hard. I'm glad to see you say it is a marathon and not a race - that is really the big revelation that most people need when it comes to training. I now look at things in a yearly basis - what am I going to accomplish this year? - and I do basically a yearly review of my progress and what I've been doing at the end of the year. So to see you going a somewhat similar way in your thoughts is great. I think you'll find a lot more success in your endeavors this way.

08-18-2011, 01:37 PM
Thats great advice. My biggest problem with training has never been effort or consistancy, but rather focus. I have learned in a very short time on this program that having a plan and a goal to work towards means everything. I was always focused too much on trying "the best" or "newest" training program. When i stopped wandering and zeroed in on core lifts and the hst principles i suceeded. Now I must EAT, TRAIN, and GROW! Thanks all for the encouragement! Good luck all

08-19-2011, 01:34 PM
Friday's workout 6th 5's workout. My goal was to get to 15 total reps without going to failure on any set. So far I am really Pleased with my progress so I am just gonna continue with these weights instead of deloading and starting the cycle over. Gonna hit calves and abs later

Squats 305 x 4,4,4,3 (I have never done this much before! Gonna stick with this weight next workout)
Bench 205 4 sets of 4 (Last rep was tough so repeat this weight and shoot for 3 sets of 5)
Pullups BW+30 4,3,3,3,2 (Felt heavy, each rep chin cleared bar)
Push Press 140 4 sets of 4 (I know I can add weight next workout)

08-22-2011, 09:23 AM
Mondays workout Week 7 workout 1

Went pretty well considering I was up alot with my daughter through the night. I managed to add weight to each lift so I gotta be happy with that. I did notice while warming up on pullups that my right elbow (tendonitis) was aching so I quickly switched gears and found DB rows would work. Gonna add 10 lb to deads Fri. and add 5 lb to bench, but stay at 145 on press. It felt weak at the end.

Deadlift 355 x 4,4,4 Only gonna do 3 sets on deads in an effort to save my lower back a bit
Bench Press 210 4 sets of 4
DB Row 85 x 6, 95 x 6,6 ( powerblocks go to 85 so I had to loop my wrist straps over DB with a 5lb plate each side)
Push Press 145 x 4 sets of 4

08-22-2011, 12:00 PM
I’m with you on the right elbow tendonitis and Chin Ups. At the end of my last cycle I really felt it when I was going above body weight. I also switched to DB Rows as my primary back exercise and it seems to be helping.

Are you sure your Power Blocks don’t go up to 95 lbs. mine do. The next jump would have been 135 I think, if I got the largest set of extensions. Maybe your set is different? My solution to this was to get a pair of Olympic DB handles. Now I can throw 2x50s on each side and I’m already up to 108 lbs. with plenty of room to spare. As far as I can tell each bar weighs 8 lbs. hence the odd weight of 108 lbs. They’re well worth the money if you plan to use DB exercises past what your Power Blocks can do. Heck, if I’d have known about them I never would have bought the 95 lbs. extension set and just used the Power Blocks for below 55 lbs.

08-22-2011, 04:02 PM
My blocks are the old kind. Yeah I have standard weights that I can do that with, but I was lazy and running a little behind. I found that neutral grip and reverse grip exercises when heavy seem to aggrivate my tendonitis so I should've known it was coming lol. BTW is saw your pics. Looking good man! I too was a skinny kid (weighed 150 at 6' in highschool) I was 220 yesterday which matches my previous high, but I don't feel as fat as last time (thank you HST) think my bodyfat is 14 to 16% range at best guess.

08-25-2011, 09:45 AM
I have gone through a bit of a rough patch sleep wise this week (daughter teething) so I am just looking to survive this next week. I know excuses,excuses. Gonna try to just Deadlift once a week cause it just seems to really run me down when I get into the real heavy loads. Prob do Squats on Mon/Wed and Deads on Fri. I KNOW I need to add in hamstrings to that Like SLDL on Mon. Any advice is always welcome. Thanks in advance

Today's workout Had to get up at 4:30 am!!! and lift by 5:15. NOT BY CHOICE

Squats 305 x 4 320 x 2,2 305 x 2 (Just wanted to see what 320 felt like. Hard to squat that early)
Bench 215 x 4,4,3,3 (Last rep was it. RPE 10)
DB Row 105 x 4,4,4,4 (Wanted to focus on controlling weight to avoid aggrivating my tendonitis)
Push Press 145 x 4,4,4,4 (Wow I was suprised how effortless these seemed today)

08-25-2011, 03:16 PM
You could use SLDLs but if you wanted less of a hit to your lower back then Romanian Deadlifts might be better. Additionally you could also try Glute Ham Raises or even Leg Curls if you have the equipment to do them and take even more strain of your back.

If back isn’t an issue then perhaps you could do the SLDLs or Romanian DLs on Mon and do some Glute Ham Raises or Leg Curls on Wed so you’re doing a Hamstring exercise each workout. That should leave your lower back fresh for Deadlifting on Fri.

08-26-2011, 10:10 AM
Thanks Grunt. I was kinda leaning towards doing RDL mon. and Leg curls wed. So the sleep deprivation is in full gear now. But I'm gutting it out best I can. After my first set of squats I sat on my bench gasping for air and just kinda staring into the distance. Not a good start, but I just kinda forced through squats and decided to just have a fun day to keep my spirits up.

Fridays workout: Week 7

Squats: 305 x 3 sets of 4 ( Just feeling deadlegged from lack of sleep. Gotta quit being such a wuss!)
BenchPress: 215 x4 220 x 3 225 x 2 235 x 2 245 x 1 (this was just fun. No spotter best I've done yet)
DB Row 105 x 6 110 x 6 115 x 4,4 (also another personal best. And it was fun too)
Push Press 145 x 5 155 x 4 165 x 3 175 x 1

I failed once at 175, got pissed off and racked it. Did my best Bill Kazmaeir psych up and gave it another go and got it fairley easy. Great workout despite the stagnation in squats, but you win some and you lose some.

08-26-2011, 02:41 PM
Isn’t it sort of funny how sometimes your best workouts start out like crap but then you find the zone, rhythm or whatever you want to call it and everything seems to come together.

Good luck with the sleep. I’ve been sleep deprived due to work related stress for almost 10 months now but still seem to be making progress. So keep it up.

08-29-2011, 09:34 AM
Got a little more sleep over the weekend and my workout showed it!

Monday's workout 8th Week

295 x 3
305 x 3
315 x 3
325 x 3
335 x 1
345 x 1

Given my recent frustraions with squats I was rather pleased with this. I think more than anything I havent been warming up/stretching enough prior to working sets. I also watched a couple "How to Squat videos" and it made me slow down and really concentrate on each rep.

Bench press
225 x 3
225 x 3
230 x 3
240 x 1
240 x 1
240 x 1

Woked my way up to 240 which is not my max, but rather the heaviest I weight I felt comfortable doing singles with. I just focused on bringing the bar down slow and trying to exert max force to drive the weight up. Felt great!

One Arm DB Rows
110 x 4 sets of 5

Had some shoulder discomfort after first set, so I tried bring DB all the way to the floor kinda Pendlay style. Took away discomfort and made it more challenging. Gonna do it this way from now on!

Push Press
155 x 5 sets of 3

Kinda ran outta time on these, but still progressing right along. End of week gonna shoot for 185 x 1!

09-01-2011, 05:21 PM
Thought it would be a good idea to lay out some goals for the end of the year. My first round through HST has been a real eye opener and I know see how to finally get where I want to be. I am currently on my first day of SD and already I can’t stand it, but all good things come to those who wait.

Current Maxes

Deadlift: 405

Bench Press 260

Squat: 355

End of Year Goals

Deadlift: 455

Bench Press 300

Squat: 400


Don’t really have any size goals but additional mass to any area other than waist is always welcomed. I would like to really focus on my legs to bring them up. My arms have been my strong suit so I will just maintain per say and focus on compounds to add mass. I did add Ĺ” to my thighs, chest this cycle and can also see change in my delts and traps. Arms stayed the same, but that’s ok cause right now it’s not a priority.

Current stats

Height: 6’

Weight: 222

Neck: 17

Chest: 45

Arms: 17.25 (flexed)

Thighs: 25 (Halfway)

Calf: 15.25

Waist: 35.5 L It’ll come off later


Gonna follow a push/pull program and start out at 70% of 1RM and add weight each workout. Each major muscle group will have a primary heavy exercise then followed by a lighter exercise. When I get to 5RM I will drop secondary exercises and increase volume of primary lifts.

Push Day


Front Squat

Bench Press

Incline DB Bench

Standing Overhead Press

Lateral Raises

Standing Calf Raises

Pull Day

Deadlift/Romanian DL

Standing Leg Curl

Wide Chins

T Bar Rows

Barbell Shrugs

Seated Calf Raises



09-03-2011, 10:53 PM
It looks like you have some very realistic goals and a good plan to get there. One thing to note is that it’s not necessarily a good idea to drop your secondary exercises during the 5s unless you trade them for some metabolic work. Reason being is that occlusion or exercising with restricted blood flow does seem to have an effect on hypertrophy. Also at the end of a session getting the blood flowing through the muscles is a good way to get nutrients into the muscles so they can grow.

09-06-2011, 10:20 AM
Thanks G11. I have been thinking all weekend about that. Gonna keep them and stay with the 40-60 total reps per muscle group per session. I was unprepared last cycle with my meal plan, but this time I am really gonna focus on getting at least 4,000 cals and 300-400 grams of protein a day. I want to get to 235-240 lbs. by the new year so better keep my fork with me at all times lol

09-08-2011, 09:48 AM
SD finally over and today kicked my butt. I know thats the point of SD, but still sucks cause I felt like I was rolling before. ANYway...........

Romanian DL: 205 x 15,10
Standing Leg Curl: 20 x 12,5,5

This was real light but after this I felt like I was gonna puke lol. Did reps to fatigue then paused 20 sec and continued.

Chinups BW 8,4,3
Pendlay Rows 170 x 5,5,5

HAHAHA this was aweful. Gotta a long way to go on chins. LONG WAY

Barbell Shrugs 225 x 15,15
Seated Calf Raise (ONE LEGGED) 90 lb DB x 20,20

Just getting a good lactic acid burn on these. I think I will add in Alt DB curls next time around to finish off bi's. Gotta a damn head cold from change in the weather so that and my lack of conditioning made this pretty rough today, but it was rough at the beginning of last cycle too.

09-08-2011, 10:47 AM
When I SD all I can think about is getting back to the weights, however the first workout after SD always seems like one of the hardest to get done.

09-09-2011, 11:31 AM
Todays workout Push Day 1

Squat: 240 x 8,8
Front squat 95 x 10,8
Bench Press 185 x 8,8,4
Incline DB Bench 35's x 12,12

I shortened this workout in half due to my cold. Just wanted to get something in and try to rest up this weekend. Weights felt fine just didn't want to push at all so I just went to fatigue and stopped immediately. I am new to front squats and will probably roll with the light weight to work on form and get used to the motion. Doubling up the the similar exercises gave me a hell of a pump which is what I was shooting for so that is exciting. I dropped Overhead Press, Lateral Raises, and Barbell Calf Raises today but will include them from this point on. Hamstrings are pretty tender from the RDL's yesterday so I'm sure i will be walking funny for a few days. Gotta get my arse back in shape lol.

09-12-2011, 10:15 AM
Pull Day #2 Good Workout, cold seems to be subsiding workout took 45 min which was a decent pace.

325 x 5
345 x 5
365 x 5

I started at 80% of my max because it seems like a waste of time to do them any lighter. This felt great. I was pleased how easy it seemed to get 365 off the floor. Gonna Deadlift only on Mondays and keep it heavier to achieve my goal of 455 x 1 by the years end

Standing leg curl
20 x 12,12

Chins (BW) 20 rep goal this week

Pendlay rows
135 x 10,8

Last workout I used 70% of my 1RM which was too heavy after DL and chins. Going lighter and maintaining good form are way more important than just heaving the weight up like I did previously. Lesson learned :)

Barbell Shrugs
235 x 15,15

Seated Calf Raises (one legged)
90 x 20,20

Seated Alt. DB Curls
30's x 12,12

09-15-2011, 09:41 AM
Ok, so Monday night I was showing the classic signs of overtraining. I was dog tired but had insomnia and was really irritable. Didn't have much DOMS to speak of. So I took a long hard look at my program and realized that it's just too much for me since I still was feeling a little zapped Wed. I spent my whole SD trying to fine tune a bigger and better program, but in reality I already was doing the best program for me. Simple HST full body 3x/wk. If it aint broke don't fix it :)

Revised Program
Bench Press
Pendlay Rows/Chins
DB Press/Push Press (from 85% 1RM on)
Barbell Calf Raise/Seated Calf Raise

Wed Session
Squats 250 x 8,8
Bench Press 190 x 8,8
Push Press 120 x 8,8
Barbell Calf Raise 225 x 15,15 (1st time I've ever done these.)

Feel good today which makes me think the change was definitely warranted.

09-16-2011, 09:54 AM
Friday 9-16 workout
Deadlifts- 325 x 10
Bench Press- 195 x 9+4+2
Chins- 8+3+2
DB Press 45's- 12+5+3
Seated Calf Raises 100 x 20,20

Was in a bit of a hurry this morning so I clustered reps on upper body. I stopped when rep speed slowed then took ten deep breathes, then repeated twice. I think I could've gotten 12 on deads, but didn't want to overdo it again. Workout only took like 30 minutes. Moving deads to Fridays on this revised program to get an additional days rest.

Got a question for the masses out there. My chin bar only alots me a grip width about shoulder width. I really prefer to do them wider and can if I do rack chins on makeshift set up (Squat stands and olympic bar). Has anybody had success with rack chins? My gut says dropping chins would be a mistake, but I thought I'd see what has worked for others. Thanks in advance.

09-19-2011, 09:36 AM
Monday 9-19 2nd last wk of 8's

270 x 8
205 x 12

Bench Press
200 x 8
150 x 12

Pendlay Rows
170 x 8
120 x 12

DB Press
50's x 8
35's x 12

One Leg Standing Calf Raise
BW x 12,12

Running on only 4 hours sleep (again). I am only going with one 8's work set this week followed by a lighter metabolic set. To my suprise all the 8's were pretty easy and the met. sets burnt like fire! I made a business decision and dropped the barbell calf raises cause I AM UNCOORDINATED and will eventually kill myself if continue them. After this week I will move on to 5's then finish with a cycle of 3's before i SD. I wish I wouldn't have wasted that 1st week on the push/pull program, cause this program just feels right. As a side note I started the GOMAD (gallon of milk a day) program 3 days ago and am liking it very much. I weighed 220.8 at the start of my cycle and weighed 225.4 yesterday so I think it's gonna help me attain my goal weight of 235-240 lbs within the next month or two. I read about GOMAD on another training log so Thank you to whoever had mentioned it!

09-26-2011, 01:39 PM
Last Two Sessions

Squats 295 x 8, 205 x 12
Bench 205 x 8, 155 x 10
DB Press 65's x 8, 35's x 12
Chins BW +10 x 8 (last assisted), 10 Australian pullups
Seated Calf (1 Leg) 110 x 20,20

Deadlift 365 x 3,3,3,3
Bench 210 x 8+4+2
DB Press 70's X 7, 40's x 12
Pendlay Rows 185 x 8, 135 x 10
Calf Raise (1leg) BW x 12,12

I don't know if I will ever deadlift again! The last 3 times I have felt like sh*t and this was worse yet. My CNS must suck! Seems like I am compromising my whole routine for one lift at times and I just don't feel its worth it. Anyway BW up to 228 and I feel really strong lately. GOMAD going well!

09-26-2011, 01:59 PM
I don't know if I will ever deadlift again! The last 3 times I have felt like sh*t and this was worse yet.
That sucks! I’m the opposite, once I Deadlift I want to punch holes in the walls and attack every other lift. I don’t start feeling bad until about 7-9 hours later when it feels like I was in a car wreck.

You could try putting your Deadlift near the end of your routine like just before the Calf Raises. Though it goes against the general rule to put the most taxing lifts first many people Deadlift last for the very reason you have, that it wastes them for the rest of the workout.

Another thing you could try is some General Physical Preparedness (GPP) work especially when your weights are light. If the Deadlift is draining you so much I might be a matter of strength endurance. You could try some Hill Runs, Farmers Walks, Tire Flipping, Sled Dragging, hell just pick up a big rock and throw it over your head and then run and get it and do it again.

If those types of options aren’t available perhaps you could arrange your lighter workouts in a circuit fashion so they improve your level of endurance.

09-26-2011, 06:30 PM
Sorry G11 I actually am fine during the workout, but I can tell about an hour later that I have "overdone" it. About 12 hours later i feel like dog meat and I can't sleep and end up with a cold most of the time. Feeling that way totally zaps my will to eat and train and that aint good. Squats don't seem to affect me that way, just regular Deads. May just switch to a different version and see how that goes. I really like Deads, but whats the point if I get sick and can't sleep everytime. Frustrating, but I gotta listen to what my body is telling me, or else. My performance after deads has been great minus pendlays, but I think it's a bad idea to do them on the same day anyways. I looked across the web and alot of guys DL every other week or even once a month just as a guage of progress.

09-27-2011, 12:01 AM
My bad I misunderstood. I think everybody feel a little hammered after heavy Deadlifts but getting colds and missing sleep isn’t worth it. Have your ever tried catching a nap right after working out, assuming you have the time? I don’t do it often but when I carb up after an intense workout I just feel like going to sleep for a while, but since I workout in the morning I usually get busy doing other things.

09-27-2011, 09:27 AM
Have your ever tried catching a nap right after working out?

Unfortunately time doesn't alot a nap, although it sounds like a good idea. I did some looking over my past journals and searched the web and think I'm gonna try a different approach. If I'm honest with myself, I seem to overtrain relatively easy with any kind of volume. I have done well with just one working set on all other exercises so that strategy should apply to DL as well. I found an article about Deadlifting for Bodytype which was interesting. It wasn't real scientific, but still made sense. I fell into the Low Volume/High Intensity lifter. It suggested just a single set of Deads once a week and an additional set of rack pulls/deficit deads earlier in the week. I'm pretty sure I can handle that with out an issue. So I'm gonna give that a go.

09-29-2011, 02:14 PM
Wed workout

Deadlift 375 x 4
Bench 165 x 5,5,5
Incline Rows 55's x 5,5,5
InclinePress 55's x 5,5,5

I did Deads instead of squats to try and assess my recovery ability a little better. I think I could've done 6 reps but stopped at 4. Felt fine after no problem sleeping at all, so I think it's just a matter of volume for me. In hindsight the workouts I was doing were a bit much. I am gonna do 3 sets of 5's the fist 3 workouts then probably drop to 2 as I get closer to my 5 RM. I subbed rows for chins cause I injured my right forearm just grabbing ahold of a couch on tuesday (stupid way to get hurt). Something popped and i had a shooting pain. I used wraps for DL and when I benched I couldnt really grip the bar well so I chose to 86 the chins. Feels much better today so hopefully I will be fine Friday.

09-30-2011, 09:39 AM
Friday Workout 9-30

Squats 255 x 5,5,5
Bench 180 x 5,5,5
Chins BW x 5,5,5 (last rep was tough)
DB Press 55's x 5,5,5
Standing Calf Raise (1 Leg) BW + 25 x 5,5,5,

3" Platform (Speed Deadlift) 225 x 3,3,3

After more thought and reading my training journals I have ultimately decided to do Squat/Deadlift 2 x wk on the same day. Monday will be heavy DL w/ HST progression and Speed Squats and Friday will be heavy Squat w/ HST progression and Speed Deadlift. Progression on speed work will be 50%,55%,60% of 1RM. I have been noticing that my lower back just doesn't recover with one day off so I think this will help my performance alot. Having said that I took it easy to see how my body handles the additional stress. I was concerned about my lack of progress on chins, but I keep forgetting that I am gaining weight so if I can do the same amount or even slightly more then it's fine....

10-03-2011, 10:11 AM
Monday Oct 3 Workout

Deadlift 385 x 6 PR

Box Squat off Bench
No Tension Bands 50% 1RM 185 x 8 sets of 3

Bench Press 195 x 5,5,5
Incline Row 75's x 5,5,5
DB Press 65's x 5,5,5

Seated Calf Raise (1 leg) 155 x 10,10

I don't know what is making the difference, but I felt awesome today. I think dropping back to 2 lower body days a week is going to make a big difference. I have noticed since starting GOMAD that I feel strong all the time.... Guess milk does do a body good :) I gotta tell you I wish I had come across this site along time ago because I have learned alot looking at other members journals and seeing their progress just makes we want to push that much harder. Thanks to all out there and good luck training!

10-06-2011, 09:58 AM
Wed. workout

Bench- 205 x 5,5,5
Chins BW @230+10 x 5,5,5
DB Press- 70's x 5,5,5

Thurs Workout

Squats- 290 x 5,5,5

Speed Deadlift- 225 x 3,3,3,3,3
3" defecit

1 leg Standing Calf Raise- BW+35 x 6,6,6,5

Mondays session piledrived my CNS so I decided to split it upper/lower. I like it better because it allows me the time to really concentrate on each lift. Felt fresh this morning so hopefully i will tomorrow as well. BW up to 230 now so that is encouraging. JUst as I was starting to feel fat, I am really noticing my strength levels improving so it feels like it's worth cramming all those kcals in.

10-07-2011, 09:42 AM
Friday 10-7 workout

Bench- 215 x 5,5,5,5
Incline Row- 85's x 5,5,5,5
DB Press- 75's x 5,5,5

Even with only 5-6 hours sleep last night my body felt fresh so splitting to upper/lower routine was a good idea. I decided to do an additional set on bench and rows because I will have 3 days to recover before I train them again and I wanted to go a little closer to failure. The last set of presses was pretty much to failure so I chose not to do another. Can't wait till Monday

10-10-2011, 09:32 AM
Monday 10-10 workout

Deadlift (warmup with 135,225,295)
345 x 1
400 x 1
420- failed on 2 attempts
400 x 1, then failed on 3rd attempt

Speed Squat off Bench (Wide Stance)
225 x 3,3,3,3
245 x 3
255 x 3
265 x 3
295 x 3

Seated Calf Raises (1 leg)
175 x 6,6,6

Crashing Back to Earth! When I woke up I was sleepy as hell and really didn't feel like lifting so why I chose to try max on deadlift is beyond me. Just couldn't get into it today and just rushed into it. I was sooooo close on the 1st 420 attempt that if it was a lb lighter I think I would have got it. Not gonna freak out just yet, but rather stick to my routine and see what happens. I'm sure it was just a bad day

10-11-2011, 09:41 AM
Tuesday 10-11 workout

Bench Press- 220 x 5,5,5,4

Chins (close grip) M-Time x 20
BW @232 +20 lb

Seated DB Press 80's x 5,5,3,2

Today went much better! I think my 5 RM on bench is 230 now which is 25 lbs. higher than start of last cycle, so yeah HST works :) I tried M time on chins and I gotta say its amazing how it works. if I did regular work sets I wouldn't have made it to 20 total, but I still felt I could've done another 5 reps this way. My lats are already feeling it too :) Also I have never used 80's for shoulder presses before so I am really happy with my progress. I needed a day like today after yesterdays session. I guess you can't be at your peak every single workout :) Goes to show how important rest/nutrition really are

10-13-2011, 09:37 AM
Thursday 10-13 workout

Squats- 325 x 4,3

Romanian Deadlift
135 x 3
155 x 3
175 x 3
215 x 3
275 x 3

Standing Calf Raise (1 leg)
BW+45 x 5,5,5

Decided to take it kinda easy today. I had no desire to workout this morning but I made myself do it. I felt pretty hammered yesterday and everyone around me it seems is sick so I didn't want to push much. Just tried to get at least 1-2 good solid heavier sets in so it didn't feel like a wasted workout. I know I was close to my 5RM on squats but got nowhere near it on RDL's. My next upper body session will be the last of the 5's block and I plan on moving to triples next week. I wasn't planning on deloading and progressing back up, but I might if I feel my body needs a slight break. I got a little overzealous Mon and Tues and did a few too many sets because I was feeling strong and wanted test myself. I always pay for it later though so moderation is going to be key so I don't burnout too quickly.

10-15-2011, 09:51 AM
Sat. 10-15 workout

Bench Press
230 x 5
235 x 4

Incline DB Row
105's x 5
110's x 5

DB Press
85's x 4
80's x 5

Decided to find my 5RM today. I think I could've done 235 x 5 if I would have done it first. All in all a good day.

10-17-2011, 09:41 AM
Monday 10-17 workout

350 x 7 M-time

Box Squats
275 x 3
295 x 3,3

Narrow Stance ATG Squats
Metabloic Set 135 x 15 nice and slow

Gonna go with M-time on DL to finish out my cycle. Kept rest constant at 30 sec between each rep and the last rep was much slower than the rest so I stopped it there. I switched from repetition deads to M-time in an effort to improve my "lift off from the floor" which is my sticking point.

I went to chiropracter just for some minor discomfort and found out after an x-ray that I have twisted vertabrae in between my shoulder blades and my right hip is hiked up a bit which explains why I feel so akward doing squatting movements. He gave me corrective stretches, but not much I can do really to fix it. I was a carpet installer/furniture delivery man for several years and I am sure that has taken a toll on me. Switching to unilateral exercises like lunges and step ups will help as it feels like I am left leg dominant when i squat. Oddly enough i feel fine doing deadlifts so I will continue with them as they are my favorite exercise. Still kinda bummed about dropping squats but I will make due.

10-20-2011, 10:16 AM
Wed 10-19 workout

Bench Press
240 x 3,3,3,2 (failed at 1/2 way point on 3rd rep)

Weighted Close Grip Chins
BW@ 232 + 30 X 11 reps M-Time

Push Press
165 x 3
175 x 3
185 x 3
200 x 2

Decided to today to make this my last session before SD. My body needs a layoff! I reached PR on all the lifts so I am really excited about my next cycle. Had to switch to push press because I had reached my max on DB press and I wanted to see if my PP had improved. My next cycle will be a straight up vanilla HST cycle listed below in A/B alternating fashion. Going totaly unilateral on lower body in light of my chiropractic issues to work on imbalance issues.

Deadlift (unilateral)
Bench Press
Chin Up
Military Press
Calf Raise

Unilateral Squat
Standing Leg Curl
Incline Bench
T-Bar Rows
Upright Rows
Seated Calf Raise

10-31-2011, 09:51 AM
Mon. Oct 31 Workout (1st 0f 15's)

Unilateral DL 100 x 5,5,5

Bench Press 140 x 15

Close Grip Chins BW @ 230 x 15 M-time

Incline DB Row 60's x 11,4

Seated DB Press 50's x 13,2

Reverse Lunge 90 x 8,7

Weighted Crunches +5 x 25

After a 9 day SD my body feels rested and ready to go. Having said that, I felt like vomiting after the 1st exercise so needless to say I am outta shape! I used my power blocks on the UDL and placed my nonworking leg on the bench for stability. I found after a few reps that going all the way to the floor was a bit too much of a stretch and it was pulling me too far forward so I stopped each rep at normal oly bar height and it felt more natural. On the lunges I stacked two 25 pound oly plates on top of each other with my workout towel between them (so they wouldn't slide) and stepped back into lunge position and exploded upward bringing my nonworking foot back up onto the plates. I found this gave me a much better ROM and my quads and glutes felt hammered after the working set. My goal this cycle is to just repeat this same workout 3 days a week and shoot for 15 reps throughout the entire cycle. To avoid pushing too hard, I stopped any set in which the rep speed slowed and then took a 10-20 sec. rest then continued until I hit 15 total reps. Since I can't do 15 BW chins (currently 10 now) I will just use M-time for the duration of the cycle. I hope to hit a BW of 240 by the end of the year then I will cut my 1st cycle of the year. It's good to be back, time to end the year on a positive note!

10-31-2011, 11:01 AM
The first few days of SD feel pretty good since I’m usually beat to hell, however by the 7th day I practically have put a lock on my weight room to keep myself out. I also get hammered by the first workout but now that I’m getting in better shape even the second one feels better.

If you haven’t already here’s something to consider on your rep counts:


I’m not suggesting that these numbers are gospel but they do take into account that doing more reps at lower weights is likely to be more effective. Also one thing I keep coming across in my readings is the general idea that one should do 40-60 reps per body part (not necessarily exercise). Since you are doing 2 pushing and 2 pulling exercises I would consider upping the reps on each to at least 20.

One of the best ways I’ve found to hit the target range of 40-60 is using Myo-reps which would look something like this:

15 +5 +5 +5 = 30 x 2 exercises = 60
12 +4 +4 +4 = 24 x 2 exercises = 48
8 +3 +3 +3 +3 = 20 x 2 exercises = 40
Lower than this I don’t usually worry about hitting 40 reps but usually at least 15 or even 10 for some exercises when it gets really heavy.

Just something to consider.

10-31-2011, 01:45 PM
I had read that same article awhile back. I have a propensity to "overtrain" a little easier than most people it seems, so I am trying to ease into things, but I do believe that an increase in volume is probably warranted considering my strength levels increased last cycle but my measurements did not with the lower total rep counts. If I increase the volume I will probably have to do a more traditional split type routine in order handle the increase. Looking at my strength levels I fall in the upper portion of the "intermediate" lifter so maybe only hitting each bodypart twice a week with increased volume would be more effective for hypertrophy than 3 times a week with lower volume. HaHa isn't that the Million Dollar Question.

11-03-2011, 02:27 PM
Wed. Oct 2 workout

Incline Bench 160 x 20 M time

Flat Bench 160 x 8,4,4,4

Seated DB Press 50ís x 8,4,4

Lateral Raises 15ís x 10,5,5

EZ Bar Skullcrusher 60 x 12,5,5

Thurs. Oct 3 Workout

Close Grip Chins BW @ 231 x 20 M time

Incline DB Rows 65ís x 11,4,4

Upright Rows 60 x 20 M time

DB Shrugs 65ís x 15,5,5

Incline DB Curls x 25ís x 12 x 5,5


Going to finish out the year on a 3 day cycle and will workout 4-5 days a week depending upon how I feel. I like the way these workouts feel so far. I miss doing certain exercises so itís nice to go back to this split again. Still going to use HST principles but the frequency will be slightly reduced but Iím not too worried about that. The unilateral leg training is no joke by the way (major DOMS) but still kind of a pain in the arse since it takes twice as long. Time to go eatÖ.. AGAIN lol

11-05-2011, 03:47 PM
Sat Oct 5 workout

Unilateral Squat
100 x 8,6,6

Leg Extensions
50 x 15+5+5+5

Standing Leg Curl
25 x 10 +5+5

Unilateral Standing Calf Raise
BW x 30 M time

My plan was to do Unilateral DL but I just couldn't balance myself after the squats so I plan on alternating UDL/Squat and doing reverse lunges on DL day. I decided to try M time on calf raises and as sorry as it sounds, I can only do like 10-12 full reps one legged at my BW so getting 30 full squeeze at the top slow negative reps with 2-3 seconds M time blew my mind. Got my feet wet know so time to up the weights and push hard the rest of the year.

11-07-2011, 10:31 AM
Mon. Nov 7 workout

Incline Bench 175 x 20 M time

Flat Bench 175 x 6,6,5,4

Seated DB Press 60ís x 8,4,4

Lateral Raises 20ís x 10,8,5

EZ Bar Skullcrusher 70x 10,5,5

Incline was definitely harder than last session, but I only used a 10 sec rest on last 3 reps and kept it pretty short until that point. Flat bench just feels wierd after incline so i took the time to do 3-4 wrm up sets to get the feel for it and went much smoother than last session. In an effort to help with recovery I am doing fascial stretching for 30-60 seconds after completing each bodypart as they do in DC training. I am also doing weighted crunches/leg lifts each workout but not bothering to log them

11-08-2011, 09:38 AM
Tues. Nov. 8 workout

Close Grip Chins BW @ 238 x 20 M time (BW clothed w/ shoes)

Kroc DB Rows 75ís x 22

Upright Rows 70 x 20 M time

DB Shrugs 75ís x 20+10+5

Incline DB Curls x 30ís x 12 +4+4

My clothed BW was 7 lbs heavier than last chin session and I was able to keep the rest between reps a little shorter so that was a plus. I watched a youtube vid on Kroc Rows and ther was no way in heck I wasnt gonna try them out today :D I think the fascial stretching is well worth the extra time because its really reduced the amount of DOMS post session.

11-10-2011, 10:20 AM
Thur. Nov. 10 workout

Unilateral DL
100 x 5
120 x 5
140 x 5

Reverse Lunge (off two 25lb oly plates)
90 x 5
100 x 5
110 x 5

Standing 1 legged Calf raise
BW @ 238 x 30 M-time

Through pyramiding the DL I found that my right side is weaker and I struggled with the last set. Calf raises seemed a little easier than last time so time to add weight. I flirted hard with the idea of doing a few sets of leg extension, but time wouldn't allow it. As a side note I am putting my wife through a bootcamp style workout 3 days a week for an hour from 5 to 6 am. Man I need to seriously work on my cardiovascular endurance! I get winded just doing a few burpees and mountainclimbers. I think a cut is indeed in the cards first of the year

11-11-2011, 02:03 PM
Incline Bench 185 x 20 M time

Flat Bench 185 x 5,5,5

Seated DB Press - Skipped (delts Fried from chest work)

Front plate raises 25 x 10, 35 x 10

Lateral Raises 25’s x 10+5+5

EZ Bar Skullcrusher 80x 10+5+5

11-14-2011, 09:57 AM
Monday 11-14 workout

DB Row
95 x 8
105 x 8
115 x 8
125 x 5
135 x 5
145 x 5
85 x 15

Upright Row
80 x 8
90 x 8
100 x 8
110 x 5
120 x 5
120 x 5
60 x 15

I was really sleep this morning and really didn't feel like lifting, so to peak my interest I just mixed it up a bit. My right elbow tendonitis reared it's ugly head once again as I was warming up for chins and I just didn't feel like messing with it so switched gears to rows. I haven't done a workout like this forever, but it was fun and I got a heck of pump through my back ,shoulders and traps. I have never gone that heavy on either exercise before so I consider this a win since it took everything I had just to crawl outta bed today :)

11-14-2011, 10:02 AM
Tdawg what are you doing for your tendonitis? I’ve been struggling with it in my right arm now for about 6 months. Had it in both but the left seems to be ok for now. I thought I had it under control in my right arm too by switching away from offending exercises, weighted Chin Ups, BB Curls, but when I started adding them back in I can feel it coming back.

11-14-2011, 12:22 PM
I haven't tried any course of treatment, but have done what you have in skipping "problem exercises". I pretty much know that doing weighted vertical pulling exercises is going to cause an issue at some point. With your power routine it will be harder to avoid holding heavy weights, but i found DL/shrugs definitley were part of the problem for me.

If I had the equipment I would likely pre exhaust my lats with a pullover machine (home version barbell pullovers) and follow it up with wide grip pulldowns and a row (with lots of warmup sets obviously :D). When pulldowns were out I did Yates Rows. I had a lot of succes doing this previously when my elbow really bothered me. When doing traps I do upright rows bringing bar up to my chin then DB shrugs in an effort to hit them as hard as possible. Luckily pushing movements haven't ever bothered me to this point. I used to try to push through it, but that is NOT a good idea. Resourcefullness has been the best treatment for me to date. I'm sure I am not telling you anything that you didn't already know, but hope this helps.

11-15-2011, 09:49 AM
Tues Nov 15 workout

Unilateral Squat
100 x 8
110 x 8
120 x 8
130 x 5

Standing Leg Curl
25 x 8
30 x 8
35 x 8
40 x 6

Leg Extensions
70 x 8
80 x 8
90 x 8
100 x 8

Running way behind so just took brief pauses in between sets and it killed my balance on the last set of squats. still happy I got something in.

11-15-2011, 10:02 AM
With your power routine it will be harder to avoid holding heavy weights, but i found DL/shrugs definitley were part of the problem for me.

I found that using straps for all pulling movements I can has really helped since the pain I’m getting is in my forearm tendons. I only Deadlift w/o straps for maxes so that they are legit otherwise all for all other Deadlifts, BB Shrugs, Calf Raises or anything else I hold a heavy bar for I use the straps. I can tell that has helped a lot.

So far the only part of the power routine I’ve noticed a problem with are the dynamic Bench Presses. I’ve read about it and that is a known issue with that sort of training. I’m learning to do them better so it’s becoming less of an issue.

11-15-2011, 02:03 PM
Straps probably would help. I should've mentioned that at that time I was using one of those diamond shaped deadlift bars that you stand inside of to do deads and shrugs without straps so I'm sure it makes a difference. Those bars suck by the way. Its pretty much impossible to keep the bar from leaning forward or backward so I'm sure it put alot of stress on my forearm tendons. I have rather small forearms so I always try when possible to do without straps, but I will see if doing chins with them alleviates some of the pain. Thanks G11

11-18-2011, 10:22 AM
Friday 11-18 workout

Incline Bench
185 x 5
195 x 5
205 x 5
215 x 3

Flat Bench
185 x 5
195 x 5
205 x 3

Close Grip Bench
135 x 8
145 x 6
155 x 5

I have had 3 or 4 rough nights sleep in a row due to my daughter getting an ear infection. Today was a "whatever" day. Couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to accomplish so I just kinda winged it. Hopefully I can get refocused and get the train back on the tracks next week. I have decided that I will begin a slow cut on Monday cause I can't stand being this heavy anymore (none of my clothes fit) I have decided though to incorporate close grip from here on out to work tri's and focus on hitting my inner pecs more. I feel I have a good outer sweep and need to fill in the blanks so to speak

11-22-2011, 02:27 PM
Thanks to Totentanz I have my cut figured out.

2300-2500 calories/day

300g protein/150g carb/75g fat

3x/wk HST training only using the 5's repeated duration of cut with no SD unless absolutely needed!Abs & Cardio 2x/wk before 1st meal

A/B alternating routine

Incline Bench
Barbell Rows
Standing Leg Curl
Unilateral Squat
Bar Shrugs
Standing Calf Raise

Flat Bench Press
Pullups (unless tendonitis resurfaces)
Seated DB Press
Unilateral Deadlift
Bar shrugs
Seated Calf Raises

So there it is. Hopefull I will end up around the same weight that I started at (6' @ 209lbs currently @ 234lbs) at close to 10% BF, but only time will tell.

12-01-2011, 10:12 AM
Quick update on my progress so far. I am currently @ 227 as of this morning (down 7 lbs). Find myself being hungry a majority of the day, but so far I have not let it affect my diet :) Eating alot of egg whites, low fat cottage cheese, chicken, lean read meat, and a big protein shake with olive oil. I haven't lost any strength up to this point, but I have noticed that the weights seem much harder than they did before. I quit taking creatine as well to give my body a chance to reset. I dropped unilateral Deadlift because I don't feel comfortable with it. The Unilateral squats are going well and I actually feel stronger every workout so that is a plus. It's early, but I feel focused and ready.