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05-02-2005, 10:23 AM
For the past two years I have always switched between two programs. HST and a simpler program which reuired me to attempt to simply add 1 rep or a couple lbs everytime I lift.

So, I'm considering trying out a program that sorta combines both.

3days a week. Full body each day. 1-2 exercises per bodypart. 1-2 sets per exercise. All sets taken to 1-2 before failure. (My body can handle this intensity/volume.)

Monday do 15 reps, Wed. do 10 reps, Friday do 5 reps. Each week try to add weight or a rep to each workout.

The only problem I see is the possibility of hitting a strength wall which happens with the second routine I do. Although usually I don't do anymore than 9 reps so the 15's and 10's may help with recovery and hypertrophy.



05-02-2005, 07:33 PM
The program you're talking about is NOT HST. While the number of reps you do with HST is somewhat arbitrary*, the load progression is mandatory. By doing a 15, 10, and 5 rep workout all in the same week you're progressing in load for 1 week, but after that the RBE will have set in and so the effectiveness of further workouts will be diminished. Your muscles will adapt to the heavy weights you use on your first 5 rep workout day, and from then on they will not respond to anything less. So subsequent workouts, especially those where you're doing 15 and 10 reps, will not be very effective.

Basically, in the course of 1 week you will reverse all of the deconditioning that took place over SD, and so your muscles will no longer respond to the lighter weights. By progressing so quickly, you're missing out on a lot of chances to cause some nice microtrauma.

*When I said that reps are somewhat arbitrary, I meant that you're still doing HST whether you use 15-10-5, 15-12-10-8-5, or just consistently stay a few reps short of failure.

05-02-2005, 09:44 PM
See my reply in your other thread.

05-07-2005, 04:40 AM

What you are going to do shouldnīt be be a problem.

In the past I used 2 HST cycles. At the first cycle, I gained 2 pounds of muscle, and some pounds of strength. After the second, i lost the 2 pounds and very much strength. Altogether, i invested 20 weeks of pure time waste. After that i found a protocol that was called "the 8 week squat program". With it i gained 6 pounds of pure muscles, 30 pounds of pure strength and it didnīt end. After that experience i used another 8 week squat cycle, and i gained 9 musclepounds in the 2 months with another 50 pounds strength increase. That was the best evidence for me, that hst doesnīt work with me. The hst protocol is just, i donīt know.

Now i am doing the smolov protocol, which is nearly the same what you are going to do. It uses different repdays, and iīm in the 5th week. I better donīt say numbers, but i can say to you, that i got again plenty musclemass gains, and tremendous strength raises. So, try your idea.

Here are the links to the protocols:

8 week squat cycle. It uses 3 different weight days. A heavy, a light and a medium day. HST theory says it doesnīt work. Real world shows that it works.