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Thread: hst as 4 day pushpull

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    Default hst as 4 day pushpull

    i know everyone and their dog for the past 10 years have tried to change ths program and still call it the cookie cutter hst

    i would like to start training 4 times a week, and was wondering if changing the 3 day a week into a 4 day a week push pull isnt a noob move in doing so.

    ive used hst for years and now my training is 2 working sets of 9 exercises 3 times a week completing in 50-55 minutes.

    ive simplified it and add 5 lbs to my 5's rep max then when i reset i just drop the weight back 18 times. in 5 lb increments. I have found that more times then not, my 10 rep max is right on par when doing this usually failing for the 10th rep of last set. which i think is pretty cool how it seems to work itself out.

    if i were to do this pushpull, would i be doing 3 sets now, instead of two to still get the same weekly amount of sets in?

    been a big fan of this program forever
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    Four days a week as a two way split such as a push/pull is totally doable.

    Squat - 485 lbs
    Bench - 315 lbs
    Deadlift - 635 lbs
    Total - 1435 lbs
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