Protected: Connective Tissue Part 1: Tissue in Action

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About Elzi Volk

Elzi has spent the last several decades trying to determine where 'home' is: from New York, Maine, California, Oregon and now Texas. As well, her career has encompassed tool & die apprentice, forest ranger, assistant extension agent, mother, sheep and horse rancher, and mad research scientist. She has also been a competitive bodybuilder, but has found true joy in powerlifting. With two degrees in biological sciences, Elzi devoted the last 12 years in Oregon developing and managing a nationally recognized plant virus diagnostics program and conducted research advancing chemo- and thermotherapy techniques for virus elimination. Unfortunately, program funding fell victim to USDA and higher education budget axes by the powers-that-be. Discouraged, Elzi decided to make some changes and moved to Texas, where she is spending a long hiatus recovering from an injury, freelance technical writing, and part-time personal training. In the near future, as soon as she wins the lottery, she intends to jump into a PhD program in integrated cell biology, focusing on cell signalling. When Elzi is not playing fetch with her 1200 lb four-footed buddy, she is most happy in the gym and in a research lab.

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