Recovery from Eccentric Training

Q: I’m on a split routine, working out each body part twice a week. My partner and I are trying a new exercise tempo, really emphasizing the the negative. When our second pec day came around, we were both too sore to get anything done. Do you need more rest after negatives? [Read more…]

Training Alone and Home Gyms

Q: I always (or usually, anyway) train alone in my home. For chest, I always bench inside my smith machine for safety because I don’t have a spotter. I’m well aware that top body builders don’t get big using machines, so could you recommend any changes that could increase the effectiveness of my pec workouts while keeping them safe? [Read more…]

Sports Massage and Performance

Q: The other day, I had a long massage just before my workout, and I think it actually made me weaker. I always hear that massage is supposed to help improve recovery, so do I maybe need to seek out another therapist? Or should I avoid massage before workouts? [Read more…]

Bicep Curls Useless for High School Athletics

Q: My football coach will not let us do curls he says they have no place in training, but I say they do. The biceps must be there for a reason, right? [Read more…]

Weight Training for Martial Arts

Q: I read your book “Special Topics in Martial Arts Conditioning” which emphatically encourages weight training for improved martial arts performance. After implementing a few weight training cycles into my Tae Kwon Do competition preparation, I ended up slower and feeling unusually awkward. What do you think I’m doing wrong? [Read more…]