Bodybuilding Precontest Competition Tips

2008 Mr. Olympia Posedown

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Q: I have been doing Bodyopus since February for a Bodybuilding contest later this month. I read your article on precontest guidelines. I am down to 191.6lbs at 6.5% bodyfat. I am 5’8″ tall. What is your definition of low carbs? What would you do to define low carbs? What parameters would you look for to define low carb intake? During this low carb period are you in ketosis or out of it? Do you have any other suggestions regarding the last 8 days before the show? [Read more…]

Bodybuilding Nutrition for Fat-Free Muscle Mass

Q: You seem to know a lot about bodybuilding nutrition so I guess you are a good one to ask this question. I am currently trying to put on as much lean fat-free muscle mass as possible. I want grow and expand while staying cut and ripped (no excess bodyfat). I was wondering, how should my caloric intake for a non-gym (rest) day differ from my caloric intake for a workout day? I would figure it would be lower but I have no clue. [Read more…]

Training While on Low-Carb Zone Diet

Q: I am following Dr. Sear’s Zone diet to lose some bodyfat before I start my mountain bike racing season this year. Because of my training schedule I have to do several high intensity workouts during the week and I find that I am unable to recover from workout to workout on the carbohydrate intake I am currently consuming. Though I usually try to keep my carb level at about 220-250 grams for the day, on the days I indulge in the Ultra Fuel/Whey Protein post work-out shake nearly half of the day’s carbs are in the shake (100 grams). On workout days should I account for the nutrients in the shake in a different way? Possibly allowing for a higher carb intake on workout days? [Read more…]

Pre-Workout Meals and Pre-Bedtime Meals

Q: I have heard varying suggestions for pre-workout meals and before bedtime. Several authorities seem to be dead set against food (especially) carbohydrate consumption will inhibit Growth Hormone release by raising insulin levels. I work out late in the evening and I am not sure whether I should be eating carbohydrates after my workout. On the one hand I want to replenish my glycogen stores, but on the other I don’t want to stop the release of growth hormone when I go to bed. I would be grateful for your thoughts on this subject. [Read more…]

Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin plus Yohimbine

Q: Can you give me a brief rundown on the Ephedrine/Caffeine/Aspirin stack I keep hearing so much about? The guys at my gym tell me it’s great for fat loss but I’ve also seen stories in the media that it can be dangerous. What’s the deal? Also I’ve seen some suggest yohimbe for fat loss. Is it safe to take yohimbe with ephedrine? [Read more…]

Guidelines for Pre-Contest Bodybuilders

IFBB pro bodybuilder Pavol Jablinicky
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Q: I want to do a bodybuilding contest sometime next year but am confused about how to get in ideal shape. Do you have any general guidelines for pre-contest bodybuilders? [Read more…]

Fat Loss Plateaus

I’ve been following a good fat loss diet for about 5 weeks now and was losing fat consistently. But now I’ve hit a plateau and I can’t lose any more fat. What causes the plateau and how can I get my fat loss started again? [Read more…]

Problems with Bingeing While Dieting

Q: I am trying to diet to lose bodyfat. I find that I am generally very good about it but every once in a while, I end up bingeing (which I call the ‘hoover effect’) and eating everything in sight. Is this going to hurt my diet and is there anything I can do about it? [Read more…]

Calculating Metabolic Rate and Caloric Intake

Q: I am unclear on the determinants of metabolic rate and how to determine how many calories I should be taking in to either maintain my bodyweight, lose fat or gain muscle. What determines metabolic rate and how can I determine mine? [Read more…]

Is Extra Protein to Gain Mass Dangerous?

Q: I’m having trouble gaining any mass. A friend of mine told me that I should eat more protein. Is this the answer? I am also concerned about possible health problems with high protein intakes that dietitians always talk about. [Read more…]