Going on a Diet? The Protein Supplement You Choose Might Make a Big Difference

Everybody knows that when you go on a diet, consuming a bit more protein will help you hold on to hard earned muscle. The reason for this is that, skeletal muscle is your body’s main “store” of protein and when food is scarce the body uses this protein for glucose (sugar) production. You can blame your brain for this. You see, your brain and central nervous system rely almost entirely on glucose for energy, fat is out of the question. In order not to slip into a hypoglycemic stupor, or even worse, a coma, the body has set up a system that goes around breaking down muscle tissue in order to feed its glucose manufacturing centers in the liver. A necessary evil I guess. [Read more…]

What Supplements Would You Buy on a Limited Budget?

I am frequently asked, “If you had a limited budget, what supplements would you buy?” This is a great question. The reality is that most people don’t have an unlimited amount of money to spend on supplements; so getting the most out of their monthly investment is critical.

Assuming your diet is already in order, here is how I would prioritize supplements. [Read more…]