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    Whey Protein Problems

    I used to have the same problem dude. I stopped taking mass gainers and now take straight whey. Problem solved. I mix two large raw eggs in my shakes. I don't know how you feel about that, but it's an idea. Figure out how many cals you'd be missing if you switched to whey only and fill the...
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    How do YOU count your protien?

    I'm just wondering how you all count your protien? Do you count everything like the protien in the bread you eat, milk protien, protien in that breakfast bar you ate? I count most of it myself and average 200g+ a day (sometimes I hit 300g+). My other question is my diet. My gains have been...
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    how big is everyone?

    Into my first week of 5s. 6'1" 188lbs. 6% bodyfat (I think all the calories go to my big fat head.) waist 32" chest 46" That's all I've measured.
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    HST/HSN apparel

    I wear a black pair to the gym all the time. Very comfortable. And I get compliments on them a lot. Although, I'd say that 'hospital' pants (like Modrobes or something) with HST written across the butt would be a better choice.
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    HSN/HST Flyers

    I agree. If I were to put this up at my gym, it would get ignored unless it had the word 'FREE' in it. A sad but true fact.
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    Where'd you get your username?

    Who remembers the old Jell-O commercial: "Hey kids! Get out of that Jell-O Tree!" ? I do, hence the name. It made no sense and was right up there with the talking Mrs. Butterworth ads. I swear, marketing agents were on crack in the 80s.
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    Where to buy best tasting least expensive protien?

    This is great info. I went to and they ship to Canada! Shipping is cheap, and the whey works out to like $51.00 for 10lbs. The best deal I've ever gotten around here is 5lbs for $46, and that was a clearance sale.
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    what gym do you belong to?

    I train at The Athletic Club in Brantford, Ontario. Great place. No pool, but lots of weights and racks.
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    Thoughts on HGH please.
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    The Flu shot.

    I'm going to get the flu shot tomorrow. The only problem is, I worked out today. That's a problem because I'm usually kinda worn out the next day after a workout (not dead on my feet mind you.). I'm wondering if getting the flu shot after slightly draining your body the day before could have...
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    Too many sets?

    Just wondering. After you guys do all of your bench presses, do you feel like your traps have been worked? What I'm wondering is if you are raising your shoulders up when you lift. It's like any time when you lift a big weight off your chest or upwards, your body will instinctively want to...
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    Where are you from?

    Oh Canada! Southern Ontario to be exact. And yes, I've played hockey, yes I watch hockey, NO... there aren't moose in my backyard (I'm too far south believe it or not.), this is how you spell 'colour', and it's pronoucned "about" not "aboot".
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    Yummy breakfast shake.

    I've been drinking this shake every morning for a month. I think they're great. Here's how you make them. 2/3 cup of milk 1/3 orange juice (or any fruit juice you like) 1 serving of yogurt (I like fruit at the bottom) 1 whole egg 1 serving of whey powder (optional) 1/2 of a banana This is an...