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    Adding weight to pulleys

    For pulley-ran machines such as standing calf raises, leg extensions/curls, machine crunches, and the entire cable-row centers or whatever you call them... How do yins add more weight? Do you bring chains or rope?? I enjoy the fact that I am asking this question! -Colby
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    Compound Cycle ideas

    You have everything you need except for squats or leg press.
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    New to HST

    There was a period of 6 months over a year ago that all I did was HIT - targeting tris, chest, and abs. That may have been the worst idea ever because now my shoulders lack big time strength.
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    Prep for my next cycle - input?

    People grow during all phases of the cycle. After all, they are working out and progressively lifting loads. I wouldn't ever cut out the 10's - or even the 15's for that matter.
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    4th Cycle

    Any thoughts?
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    6th HST Cycle

    Yes it would be better... and MWF AM/PM would be 6 workouts.. 2 a day every other day.
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    Just saw this in Mens Health

    The funny thing is that I didn't realize it was Bryan's article until the end... good job and all not labeling it HST which would defer people from the principals (they would think you were selling something) I also noticed one HST principal was missing: SD Why so? -Colby
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    6th HST Cycle

    6x/week is better... especially for cutting. If you are bulking, then just make sure you are eating the correct amount. 3x/week AM/PM seems to the be best fit since it gives you rest days and nutrition partioning, but all in the all the difference b/w 6x and 3x-AM/PM isn't that big.
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    College Bulking Diet

    That's why I just keep track of my calories day to day and adjust week to week.
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    Calculating ure Daily Calorie Needs

    multiply it by 1.472533333333333
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    College Bulking Diet

    Then keep it at that, I don't have of my stat sheets or equations on me, so I was trying to ballpark your metabolism
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    4th Cycle

    Intro My fourth cycle starts this Monday. I will be repeating the same type of cycle I did last time, but with a few changes here and there... and maybe some more depending on your feedback. For those who do not know me; I am a 21 year old college student who weighs 203 lbs at 12.2% bodyfat...
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    am/pm spilts

    I'll give them a shot next week during the light weights of the 15's and see how they feel... thanks for the tip.
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    College Bulking Diet

    I'm not totally sure as of right now, but the numbers may be a little high (100-200 calories at most?)... with that bf%, you can eat 500 above maintenance and make some great gains following HST.
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    6th HST Cycle

    It looks good.. standard format of a cycle with the isolations thrown in once you hit the 5's at Jules' recommends in the Pimp My HST Ebook.
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    Yeah, you haven't seen my pics because I am not cut yet.. but give it a few more months!!
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    am/pm spilts

    <div> (cnegotiator @ Mar. 07 2006,08:14)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">what do you mean by full body isolation the other two days? could you give me examples of exercises you would do? what about doing cardio those two days as well?</div> this is what I will probably do on...
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    Is HST really the best?

    HST IS AMAZING!!! I started it back in June at 180 lbs 15%bf and now I am 250 at 8% bf!!! Well, we can dream right? In all seriousness, HST principals are great... and one of the coolest things about it is the workout plan you make from it can be so much fun... and you don't lift to failure.
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    3rd Cycle Results

    I think I am going to be more strict with the diet this time, so I can speed up the cutting process just a little bit. I may do calf raises on the compound days as well, but I don't want to make my workouts too long, so I will see how it goes next week. I still expect to put on some muscle as...
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    Nutrition during SD ?

    1) eat at maintenance 2) standard percentages 3) stick with how you normally do creatine, I don't believe in the loading stages