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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by magicdad, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. magicdad

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    I'm trying to figure out why my stomach is feeling and looking a bit bloated, at least compared to my relatively lean body. I seem to be doing everything right to keep it in check, but can't get it to shrink. Besides my HST program, I eat 5 or 6 times a day, very little fatty foods, plenty of water and protein, enough aerobics (but not so much as to undo the HST gains). I don't use creatine, so it's not the fabled creatine bloat.

    The only thing in my diet that I can think of would be milk. I love drinking milk, and would prefer not to give it up. I recently switched to organic non-fat milk with no change in appearance. Perhaps I've developed a slight lactose intolerance. Has anyone tried Lactaid? Any opinion on it? What about soy milk? I'd rather not go there, but I could be talked into it if it's the right thing to do.
  2. colby2152

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    Take a Pepcid AC.
  3. bluejacket

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    are you bulking?
    if you are then it could just be a combination of food always being in your stomach, being bigger then you have been before and the fact that your much more aware of your stomach area when full. seriously, when im bulking hunger is a completely non-existant feeling which is not exactly normal compared to most who eat 3-4 times a day.

    now if your cutting or feel this way when you wake up (empty stomach) then something is definitely off. if you really suspect milk is the culprit just cut it out completely for a day or 2. not too much of a hardship and it will tell you immediatly if thats the problem.

    good luck
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  4. magicdad

    magicdad New Member

    Thanks Bluejacket.
  5. quadancer

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    The high protein content of our diet tends to allow me to win all fart wars with my wife. You could be producing the gas early in the stomach, so the antiacid would help, and as a healthier suggestion, if you can stand it, take apple cider vinegar - any way you can, with honey, apple juice chaser, or whatever. There are a zillion benefits to that stuff. Highly antioxidant too.
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  6. magicdad

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    Thanks, Quad.

    My daughter, who is lactose intolerant, convinced me to try Lactaid (the milk - not the pills). As you probably know, there are other companies that also offer a lactose free milk, so I'll try one or more of them for a while and see if that makes a difference.
  7. Bulldog

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    Does anyone know if the different varities of milk contain different amounts of lactose? Meaning does skim milk have more (or less) lactose in it than 1/2%, 2% or whole milk? I'm just curious if there is a difference and if so which one has the least amount of lactose in it.

    I have thought about trying the Lactaid milk but at about $4 for a half gallon it doesn't seem worth the cost.
  8. Liftwithyourbrain

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    Skim milk bothers me less then 1 or 2 percent, but I take lactaid milk with no problems. Tastes a little different at first, but after a while it tastes like normal. Also lactaid pills before dairy supplements help. Another thing I'd stay away from at all costs are heavy creams and butter. Obviously not good because of high fat content, but by far the hardest things to digest for me.

    Don't see how not feeling like crap isn't worth a little extra cost, but to each their own.
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