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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Lance, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Lance

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    Well i've found that while there is plenty of information on this site for gaining muscle (Eating for Size article) ... the only things about cutting seem to be on the forums. I personally prefer more official information from the men themselves, like Mr. Haycock.

    I'm now going to start cutting, and i've put together a diet based on the Eating for Size article. 1 g protein/lb of bodyweight, 25% calories from fats, the rest good wholesome carbs. Is this right?

    The Eating for Size plan with HST worked absolute wonders for me to gain some weight. No joke. But i'm wondering if it is also meant to be applied for cutting.

    Thanks for all the help in advance,
  2. baby a

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    If you are trying to gain weight Bryan has recommended multiplying your bodyweight by 18-20 for daily caloric intake. If you are cutting he recommends multiplying by 10-12 for total k/cals daily.
  3. Lance

    Lance New Member

    I forgot to mention that i meant having the calories low enough for cutting of course. But, what i'm trying to ask is his plan for the macro's, would it be successful in a cutting plan or does he suggest other ways rather than the higher carbs and stuff.

  4. Lance

    Lance New Member

    Thanks that was helpful. Leaves me wondering though whether low carb, higher fat, etc is the way to go? Ya know, like which one?

    Only reason i want to stick to the Eating For Size article with lower calories of course is b/c i like the idea of getting cut as the carbs still keep my muscles full.
  5. Actually, what really counts is the calories.
    I have personally experiened weight loss on low carb (as low as 5% of total intake) and low fat (as low as 9% of total intake) for extended periods, up to 3 months at a time, it really is just a matter of calories consumed versus expended.
    I personally shoot for 20% Fat, 40% Carb, 40% Protein, consistently now gaining or cutting. But everyone has different formulas. Also I keep the fat to EFA, and mono or unsaturated. I drink no milk fat, just my preference. I keep cuts of meat lean and eat a whole lot of fish and chicken, no skin of course. It really comes down to healthy eating and calories in vs out. Of course I eat no refined sugars of any kind, well maybe a treat or two while on SD, but that is it I SWEAR.
    If I remember correctly, somewhere Bryan, or maybe Blade posted that 500 cal below maintenance was a good way to cut. I know that several others have said this as well, Mike Mentzer, Tom Venuto, Sisco, several others. I use my recordings of LBM as the multiplier. The 16 to 18 X LBM to Gain. 14 to 15 to Maintain, 10 to 12 to lose. Works out much simpler than the other equations.

    Do your reduction of cals gradually, around 100 per week, too fast and the metabolism wigs out and starts slowing down. Break up your meals into several smaller servings, although not proven to keep metabolism high, it does keep hunger under control.

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