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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by aa7, Jan 14, 2011.

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    I've been trying to look around the web for certain infomation regarding the disadvantages of too much Omega-3 intake. But I can imagine that 20g of omega-3 for a fit and active person would be a much different story in comparison to say, an unfit and obese indivdiual.

    I've only just began eating consistently for the sake of beginning a regular exercise schedual (HST) and the food involved is certainly not luxurious - I'm a college student with a habit of not affording things for very long periods of time

    Long story short, it involves 4 meals a day, each meal consisting of:

    • 1 drained can of sardines, 100g pasta and a slice of bread.
    • 39g protein, 93g carbs, 17g fats: 681cals
    • Macros: 156g (180g w/ protein shake) P // 372g CHO // 68g F (13.2g Omega-3s)
    • Total Calories: 2724 (2820 w/ protein shake)
    You can laugh if you'd like (many of my friends have too), but eh. I guess that's the "compromise"; I look like a twat LOL. Being the hypocritical cousin of a health freak that I am (I rarely practice what I "research" online), I had to take a semi-educated guess as to what would be reasonable in terms of how much of what I'd be eating to start with. If it's any help to add, my sodium intake totals 2.96g and water levels around 2-4litres depending on how often I visit college water dispensers

    17 years old, 5'7-8", 139lbs, 10% body fat (skinfold tested)
    Unsure of my fitness levels... I used to exercise 2 times a week at msot. I study a sport science course so I have pretty good access to gym/sports hall

    This was me last year >>>>>>>>> that was a little later (can't remember the time gap). Now I'm somewhere in the middle. Sorry about the slght ass visuals

    I've also began playing around with Layne Norton's findings concerning Leucine's effects on protein synthesis inbetween meals (5g only) , but that's just something I'm throwing out there if anyone has any convincing evidence that dissuades the usefulness of its real life application - I paid £25 ($39 maybe) for a kilo of the stuff. I'm also going to buy a kilo of creatine monohydrate

    My last meal ends around 7-8pm, after which I'd usually go to sleep within half an hour

    1. Is it too much Omega-3 (13g) for someone like me? (DRI in the UK is only 450mg :(). I'm not aware of any reliable sources of info that talk about this. It's all from sardines and they're spaced evenly throughout the day.
    2. Are there any noticeable flaws in the food with fairly easy solutions?
    3. The salt levels are ok, no?
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    I'm no labcoat, but I read the stuff from guys who are. Lyle McDonald recommends about 10g/day. So I'd imagine your 13g isn't too much.

    Lyle says:
    "Now, odds are if you’ve watched TV or seen anything about diet in the supermarket
    checkout line, you’ve seen something about omega-3 fatty acids or fish oils. It’s not an
    overstatement to say that they do nearly everything. They improve fat loss and insulin
    sensitivity, boost immune system function, decrease the risk of all manners of disease and
    have even been implicated in the prevention of diet-induced depression. If I hadn’t read
    the research myself and saw a list of what omega-3s are purported to do, I’d think someone
    was conning me."
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    Awesome, that's question 1 tackled. Funny I could have sworn I've read that article from Lyle myself lol, not his recommendations though. Thanks for the help, 10g is perfect. 450mg as a national guideline? Pffffft. More like a bare minimum
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    1.Yes this amount is too much for you.
    2.I haven't noticed any flaws in your case.You are eating healthy
    3.No,you have to decrease your salt level.
  5. aa7

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    Working on salt levels (no more salting water for pasta etc.). But I was hoping for a more descriptive explanation for why 13gs of omega-3 would be too much (in terms of health maintenance) for me, given that it is
  6. Totentanz

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    Any specific reason for point 1? Kinda curious why you would tell anyone that a certain amount is too much?

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