Ray Routledge 1979 Mr America AAU


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Just came across this and thought that there might be some folks here who remember Ray. I'm pretty sure he was in some of my dad's old Ironman mags. He had a great physique back in the day.

Seems the Coroner's Department is after any info about Ray to help trace relatives. So if anyone knows anythingthey should call (909) 387-2978.

See this page:

News item

Here're a page on Ray's achievements as a bber:

Ray Routledge
(lcars @ Nov. 15 2008,5:28)</div><div id="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div id="QUOTE">now that is the physique i want!</div>
Me too, I thought Ray looked fantastic. I'm pretty certain I have no hope of anything even close without resorting to chemicals. Sad but true.
Yeah, but who wants to get to 165 and not look like Ray for at least some of that time?