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Dennis James – Bodybuilding Titans #1 (VIDEO)

Muscletime presents “Dennis James – Titans Part 1” our first feature length movie in the “Titans” bodybuilding series. Titans Part 1 features IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Dennis James weight training and the famous Gold’s Gym in Venice (California). Dennis James is one of the most impressive “off-season” bodybuilders in the history of the sport. He competed […]

Tweaking HST: Why Do People Modify and Change HST?

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Hypertrophy-Specific Training

I frequently hear comments both for and against tweaking or personalizing HST on an individual basis. This is to be expected among people who are real enthusiasts of weight training. You also find this irresistible urge to tweak among other enthusiasts such as audiophiles. An audiophile will go out and spend obscene amounts of money […]

A Review of the Different Types of Popular Diets

At times it can be confusing to pick a diet. There are many different diets being marketed at any given time. How is a person to know how they differ and which one is right for them? Categorizing the diets into groups that share basic characteristics is a good way to start understanding popular diets.

Are Chin-Ups the Best Exercise for Lat Development?

Q: My favorite author said in a magazine that chin-ups were the best lat exercise, hands down. Do you think this is true,? and can I benefit from this exercise if I can only perform three or four repetitions per set?