Hypertrophy-Specific Training

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This is a workout that I designed after years of studying hypertrophy-specific research. I now use myself (added additional 10-20 pounds), and have used successfully to train competitive bodybuilders for some time. It is NOT designed for competitive track athletes, Powerlifters or Olympic lifters. It is designed according to research looking specifically at muscle hypertrophy, not muscle performance. This kind of training is fine to put on size during the off-season, but do not use this routine if you are a performance athlete during the competitive season. [Read more…]

Creating Peak Performance on Demand

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Peak performance is often referred to as the “zone” or the “grove”, or even finding one’s “rhythm”. It can happen at any time and nearly always results in breaking personal records. People often get in their own way trying to make it happen, thinking that if they just try hard enough it will happen. Frustration and poor performance are almost always the result. I’m now going to share with you something that very few people know. It is a method of greatly increasing the odds of peak performance every time you lift. It requires practice and commitment. In return you will find strength you never new you had. [Read more…]

Planning Your Training Frequency: Timing is Everything

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Whether you are sold on heavy weight and low reps, or less weight and more reps, if your training frequency is not planned with the same scrutiny as other aspects of your routine, you may be wasting time unnecessarily. With a little insight into the factors affecting the optimal timing of your workouts, you may just experience more success than you believed you could.

Knowing exactly when your muscles need to be trained again after the previous workout is difficult to judge with absolute certainty. Recent research in the area of muscle damage and recovery is showing results that may surprise you. Science is now showing us things that may change the way you train forever! [Read more…]

Strategic Deconditioning: Priming the Muscle for Continued Growth

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While utilizing Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) techniques, our goal is to present the muscle with a growth promoting stimulus at the moment the muscle is physically susceptible to microtrauma. When is this exactly? Well, it is, or was, whenever you first began weight training. It may also have been after you took a long vacation or simply took a break from training for one reason or another. The point is, it is whenever the muscle has never been conditioned or when it has been allowed to decondition itself during an extended lay off. The optimum time for training is when the deconditioned muscle has retained the additional myonuclei from previous training, but has lost enough of the protective connective tissue to allow growth promoting microtrauma. HST takes into account this need to apply the growth stimulous when the muscle is most receptive. We call this Strategic Deconditioning. [Read more…]

Tweaking HST: Why Do People Modify and Change HST?

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IFBB pro bodybuilder Melvin Anthony - squats

I frequently hear comments both for and against tweaking or personalizing HST on an individual basis. This is to be expected among people who are real enthusiasts of weight training. You also find this irresistible urge to tweak among other enthusiasts such as audiophiles. An audiophile will go out and spend obscene amounts of money on the highest end exotic equipment they can find. But this isn’t good enough! They must find some way to “tweak” it, some way to make it their own delectable creation. Anything from placing the turntable on a 3 inch marble slab, putting sand bags on and/or in the speakers, or using speaker wire that cost as much as the car you used to drive to the store. Whenever you find people who are really into what they are doing, they will try to find ways not only to squeeze out the last bit of performance, but also make it their own creation. [Read more…]