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    Back to Basics

    Why would you want to itch your back anyhow? The correct phrase would be "I can't scratch my own back".
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    Androsterone, Dhea And Pregnenolone

    It will be a win for sure if you feel better. And you may get some gains. However other genetic factors play a role on muscle mass gains besides testosterone levels. In my case I'm just never going to be overly muscular. It's just not in my genes.
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    Androsterone, Dhea And Pregnenolone

    Pregnenolone is a precursor to DHEA and all the other sex hormones. DHEA can raise estrogen so you need to be careful and do blood tests if you take any hormones of any kind. I'm on testosterone replacement (have been for 9 years now). I take Testosterone and Pregnenolone as well as some...
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    Best Android App For Hst Training - Any Recommendations?

    I can't seem to find the most recent thread discussing Android workout apps, so I'm going to post here. I came across this one today and it looks pretty good and all the current features are free on Android. The iOS version has more features but you have to pay to access some of the features...
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    Is The Forum Infected?

    I'm getting a bunch of pop ups again on my iPhone.
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    Damn Apples' Ios 8.0.2 Update

    I forgot to mention, if you just want to take notes and not lose them then try using Google keep or Microsoft OneNote. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Need to get the admin to tweak the spam filter settings. On the XenForo forum that I admin I had to switch to manual approval because the spam filter just wasn't cutting it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Damn Apples' Ios 8.0.2 Update
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    Damn Apples' Ios 8.0.2 Update

    I have been using an app called GymRat. It won't automagically create a HST routine but you can build any workout you want with it. This app was dropped by the developer and removed from the Google Play Store so I had to find an "alternative" download when I needed to reload it. If anyone...
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    More Pop-ups Recently?

    I'm still getting the pop ups on my phone. Not on desktop but I run ad blocker and pop up blockers on desktop.
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    More Pop-ups Recently?

    Yes sir, he is.
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    More Pop-ups Recently?

    Yep. I started another thread about it the other day. I sent @Millard Baker a message about it but I have not heard back from him yet.
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    Is The Forum Infected?

    @Millard Baker When I browse this forum on my phone I get pop ups to different sites and notices that "I have won (insert BS item here)". Anyone else noticing this? I have had it happen on two different mobile devices. One running Android and one running iOS.
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    Steroid Cycle

    looks like spam.
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    Olympic Bar Suggestions

    I'm in the US.