20 Breathing Reps For All Exercises

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by Mojo77, Jun 20, 2019.

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    I’ve never bothered with worrying about TUT. If you’re not growing, lift more and eat more. There’s your TUT factor ;).
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    that's the key, this stuff is really fun to talk about.. 99% of what I hypothesize on in forums I never do, but it sure is an interesting 'side hobby' to go with the actual workouts.

    And on that note, a fellow member from here and friend, sent me this, pretty cool study I thought.
    straight sets vs set to failure plus rest pauses vs set to failure plus a couple rest pauses then a few drop sets (for most fatigue)

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    General comment and not aimed at anyone who posted on this thread:

    Look, it is very simple. The more advanced you get, the harder you have to work. There are no simple shortcuts. Period!!! Work harder or stay the same. That does not have to mean longer workouts. The way you do that is through intensity. If you cannot fathom that, be satisfied with where you are today, which, by the way, is a lot better than you were a year ago. Be happy! And stop over-analyzing everything Grasshoppers.
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    I tend to disagree with Totz here. I literally spent years doing my 3 sets of 10, using progressive overload . Even done Some myoreps. All with really really slow , almost unnoticable gains.

    I only started growing at an appreciable rate once i started doing 2 things.

    1) watch tut and make sure i have 40 seconds under the bar. This showed me, like for many Guys, my set of 10 only lasted for about 20 seconds

    2) bring overload to a new level and pick weights that are basically too heavy and have me pause and fail already in set 1. By set 3 i am basically just trying to get the weight up, overcomming isometrics.

    IT feels only radical brutalities force my muscles to grow.
  5. Jester

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    The biggest, strongest, natural lifters in the world do not measure or worry about TUT, I assure you. Nobody at IPF Worlds discussed it last week. Lift, eat, sleep, repeat. One of those four will not be in order if you are not growing.
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    I've seen plenty of people who claimed nothing worked for gains, but in almost all cases, they were gaining no weight. Once we got their diet sorted, they started making gains. Unless you are advanced, or one of the less than a percent who are genetically screwed (this is almost never the case) then you should be able to make gains even on a sub-optimal training plan as long as your diet is on point.
    And that's usually the problem because it is so much harder to manage than properly training.

    Again - I've dealt with a lot of people who complained they were making no gains when I started helping them out. They would claim they tried everything under the sun, but nothing worked. They would claim they must have terrible genetics, and that's why nothing works. But everyone who has stuck with the plan I made for them (just HST based lifting along with proper diet) has strangely started making regular gains afterward - every. single. person. Obviously those who can't handle a managed diet or can't hang for some other reason don't make long term gains but they do usually make short term gains up until the point they quit. And who knows, maybe they went back to the plan on their own and did make gains after that, I really don't bother following up with quitters because why waste my time?

    Point is: I see this happen all the time, to the point where I highly doubt there really is anyone out there who is genetically screwed to the point that they just can't make gains.
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    Greg Knuckols said in an interview (I think with Iraki), that he’d found two, ever. And one of them he thought was more likely fuckarounditis because the coaching/training was parent-driven. So didn’t think the diet was being met behind the scenes.

    The other guy legit wanted it more than anything else but was basically a non-responder natural.

    So one person in the thousands he’s interacted with...
  8. Mojo77

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    I eat less, sleep less, and generally lift less or the same weight as before.
    Rest assured, TUT is your problem. Most people will finish a set of 10 in 20 seconds or less, that is not enough TUT to grow decently. Once you understand that, you will start to grow at an optimal rate.
    Forget stressing about diet man. As long as you have enough protein take in, you're good. Forget about bulking, you don't need it as a natural, you just end up fat, need a cut and loose most of the muscle you gained while bulking. You're just spinning your wheels.

    You most likely need to refrain from eating, and work up the stamina to endure the hunger caused by higher tut workouts. Stay hungry and hold back and you'll discover what true lean gains look like . Gaining at a rate of about 2 pounds a month, zero fat, just true, dense muscle.

    Before I've trained fairly heavy for my standards. Today I still lift heavy, but now I do it for time and that makes all the difference in the world
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    @Totentanz is the size of a small house with slow body fat. Check his log for updated pics if need be. Wheels are certainly not spinning in place.
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  10. Totentanz

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    Did you actually read my post?

    I have no trouble making gains. And everyone I've helped doesn't have any trouble making gains as long as they follow the plan I lay out for them.
  11. Mojo77

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    Your plan still vanilla hst combined with a bulk that has you "gain 5 pants sizes " as per your original book?
  12. Totentanz

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    If only there were some kind of training log where you could see exactly what I've been doing.

    Hint, the last 2 or 3 pages show recent workouts as well as progress pics and measurements. Still doing HST, with myo reps like I've said.
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