"aussie caseinate"


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I've been searching online for cheaper protein supplements, aussie casinate is 6 bucks a pound. I'm wondering if it's the equivilent of what's in HSN driver? Anyone know anything about it?
I believe Driver has egg albumen, milk protein isolate (which is mostly casein and some whey), as well as a straight caseinate.

I'm an Aussie. Driver is not available here. I've tried two brands of straight casienates. The main problem with them is they dont mix properly on their own with water. They get very gluggy. I find mixing them with a good WPI works well though. Doing this would roughly be the same as Driver.

Caseinate on its own would not be suitable pre or post workout.

I use it mainly before bed. 30g.
WPI, chicken, egg albumen etc all leave me feeling hungry when I first wake up, but not with caseinate. And yes, its darn cheap.