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Discussion in 'Home Exercise Equipment' started by BIGBANGSingh, Nov 8, 2004.

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    Who are the best manufacturers of exercise equipment on the net?
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    I've recently invested in a home gym setup, purchasing the following from Scott Tully at Format is COST + SHIPPING

     Texas Power Bar, 185-10 (discount) + 27 = $202
     York Power Bar, 110 + 20 = $130
     7' long, 2" thick fat bar: $38
     Pair 2" DBs (5" sleeves, 5" handle): $28
     Wrench collars $8/pair (4 pair) = $32
     The shipping for the fat bar, DBs and collars together would be $20
     Squat stands: 160 + 60 + $220
     Spotter stands: 179 + 40 = $219
     Weight: 436 + 125 = $561

    The squat racks are like Ironmind's Vulcan racks.
    The spotter stands are like Ironmind's Pillars of Power.
    The York Power Bar is black oxide "1500lb test".
    The Texas Power Bar is manufactured by Troy Barbell.
    1090lbs olympic plates, Standard brand by Troy Barbell (sold as USA Sports)

    Also purchased, before I found Scott were:
    York Utility bench (flat/incline adjustable)
    Ivanko 5' EZ Curl bar (black oxide)

    After spending farrrrrrrr too much time looking for the best deals on each piece of equipment, I ended up going with Scott at for everything except the York bench and Ivanko curl bar, which I purchased before I knew about bsolympicgym.

    The barbells and plates were drop-shipped from the manufacturer for the best price among all the places I looked. With shipping it was _still_ cheaper than getting the plates locally (greater Boston area).

    The racks, spotter stands, thick barbell and thick dumbells are being manufactured by bsolympicgym and shipped out to me soon. I ordered the racks/stands instead of a power cage because the cage won't fit in my basement, or get through a 31" door I'd need to get it through.

    Hopefully I'll get around to putting together a web page with pictures on my whole adventure in setting up a home gym, but for now I'll just give you some places to look for equipment: (the best, will order things not advertised on website and customize things they make) (good stuff and friendly too) (highest quality, highest price) (inexpensive) (strongman stuff, will customize) (Bill Ennis's company, very friendly, decent price on the Ivanko EZ Curl bar I bought)

    MANUFACTURERS: (high quality, medium price) (high quality, high price) (high quality, high price)


    Look here for a larger list:

    I've heard good things about the power cages at NewYorkBarbells. If you want to see pictures of anything, let me know and I'll see if I can figure out how to upload them.

    Oh, final note, I know the price of steel is rising, so be warned that the prices for the bars/racks/stands are probably rising as well.

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    Body Solid
    Fitness Factory is the manufacture of Body Solid.
    A lifetime (In Home) warrantee
    They have more that one Grade of equipment
    Make sure you inquire on the ones with the Lifetime warrantee.

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