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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by corvettecris, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. corvettecris

    corvettecris New Member

    My next HST cycle, I want to hit my my problem area a little more directly:  Biceps.
    My bi's are about 17.5", but I am really gunning for 18's.  Even though I am starting to see results on this cycle, I still am not really gaining any arm size.  I have been hitting them on a regular bases with skullcrushers and curls (as a part of my hst routine). What are the best ways to really target those pesky bis (an maybe a little tris) to get that last 1/2"?  I thought about eliminating the bi's/tri's from the routine entirely, and setting up a special 3x a week session for my arms, similar to what Fausto did.  Kind of like those "Bigger ARMS in 30 days" articles you see in juicer mags.
    Any ideas?
  2. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert


    The mags ain't always right, most of the time they talk a lot of bull :D

    The secret is nutrition and persistance, and yeah some trickery.

    I'd stick to incline dumbell curls (15 - 30 degree range) rather low, and then divide your rep in half and perform the first half up for the rep range, then half down for the rep range again (10's - 10 x 1/2 up + 10 x a/2 down), maybe keep this going for 2 or three sets at a time.

    Do the same for your triceps, also on a low bench.

    It is working for me, the only thing I have to do now is to start bulking and I can feel it is going to work!
  3. Staxx

    Staxx New Member

    weighted chins and dips!
  4. corvettecris

    corvettecris New Member

    Fausto, I realize that the mags are poo for the most part, but I think a high volume routine might do the trick. I think what you are talking about is what I call 21's or platoons. I use to do those with my split training, before HST. Tomorrow, I begin the negatives. DO you think I should do some arm specialization at that time, or just hold off until next cycle?
  5. corvettecris

    corvettecris New Member


    I hve been doing weighted chins AND dips this cycle! I think my arms must be fairly tough. I do get a good pump in them during the late 10's and 5's, but still no real growth.
  6. colby2152

    colby2152 New Member

    I would love to have 17.5 inch arms!
  7. Lol

    Lol Super Moderator Staff Member

    Corvettecris, it's great that you are gunning for 18" upper ams. I'd be very interested to know how long it has taken you to get where you are now?

    I have recently reached 16 1/2" arms and now want to try to get to 17". Up from 14 3/4" last autumn. I found negatives for tricep extensions and incline db curls really brought them on last cycle, but I am not expecting such great progress this time around. (If I can reach 17" by this Autumn I'll be pleased.) I also did negative dips and chins. I'm going to do the same this cycle but add in some metabolic work too which I didn't do last cycle.
  8. jwbond

    jwbond New Member

    corvettecris, are you 100% or have you played with aas?
  9. corvettecris

    corvettecris New Member

    To get where I am now, honestly, I trained each muscle group to failure once a week, and use all sorts of intensity techniques, like 21's, negs, cheaters, rest pause, etc.  The only reason I quit that old style is because I have been convinced by what I have read that failure is not exactlyy optimal.  I have been lifting off and on for 5-6 years, so that is why I have a good base, I guess.  I have never touched AAS or even other questionable things like PH, GH, Superdrol, and whatever else (even though I have been tempted).  Creatine and whey are my only real weapons, even though I have tried glutamine and cell tech.  
    Not to brag, but I was blessed by God with a good recovery rate, and even better genetics.  That is the only reason I am as big as I am, as I am fairly uneducated on nutrition, and even less on training theory.  I am/was the guy that just ate a lot of food, and trained as hard as possible, every single time.
    I will try to post some pics:


  10. Lance

    Lance New Member

    Lucky bastard. Haha.
  11. leegee38

    leegee38 Member

    Cris, you have nice long tricep bellies and a nice peak on your biceps. Arms are not your weak point. If you want to specialize on anything my humble opinion is that you should concentrate on lat width. Chins, pulldowns, rows ... If you can get your lats flared out more I'll bet your biceps will increase in size right along with them. Great job, BTW!
  12. corvettecris

    corvettecris New Member

    Thanks.  I agree on the lats.  I have started doing some close grip rows and chins, and they seem to be helping. I have for a long time made weighted chins a staple of my back program. I feel like I have decent thickness, but the lat width I'd like still eludes me. This really confuses me, because lats seem to be one of those muscles that grow pretty fast for most people. I more often than not use a wide grip, and only recently started integrating close grip and supinated grips (both chins and rows). What else is good for lat width? Pullovers?
  13. bodyguard

    bodyguard New Member

    Increase your food :)
  14. leegee38

    leegee38 Member

    Lats are very stubborn for me too, Cris. The most helpful thing I have done is partials in the stretched position for both chins and pulldowns. Sometimes at the end of a set of full reps; sometimes heavier than I can handle for full reps. Palms facing me seems to work best. Emphasize the stretch.
  15. corvettecris

    corvettecris New Member

    Thanks lee. I have found a new machine at teh gym, one of those old, seldom used, beat up ones. It is a row machine, but it has a vertical bench that your chest presses against to eliminate cheating. I have started using it with a close grip, and boy do my lats feel it. I am on my negs right now, so I also have been doing weighted negative chins. I think I will take your advice on using the 'palms facing' grip as opposed to my favorite (the wide, pronated grip) as I think it will more properly engage the lats in their primary function.

    Do you think it is also a good idea to lean back a little at the top portion of the chin (like having the bar nearer to the chest than the chin), just to get a good pinch/flex in the back?
  16. 9to5lifter

    9to5lifter New Member

    I remember Dan stating that "palms facing" chins are a better lat exercise than wide grip chins (because of better stretch). It's been a long time since I last did close grip chins (I preferred the wide grip version) but I think I'll use them in my next cycle.

  17. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert


    Excellent physique so far! I agree that only thing that really needs work is the lat width.

    I am also with you changing to close grip chins, palms facing you, reason is you can load more with hat variation, your shoulders don't have to come into it as much and the lat muscle gets hit all the way to the bottom, on top of it this will kick the living crap out of your biceps, specially if you end each set with a loaded stretch [​IMG]

    More on arms: yours don't look bad at all, peak is there, triceps looks good too (keep hitting it), the way I suggested you do the incline curls is similar to 21's yes, but this is actually slightly different as you only divide the exercise in two portions, use it as a metabolic inducer each time at the end of your program (it is silly to go and do heavy arm work before the big exercises ;) ) [​IMG]

    Keep it up mate! Cheers

  18. leegee38

    leegee38 Member

    Touching the chest definitely gives more contraction in the lats, but I actually think the stretched part of the motion is more important for growth. I don't know if this would feel the same for everyone, but from the fully stretched position I like to feel my shoulder blades pull together first rather than my arms bending. This is true for both chins and rows. Your arms will still get plenty of heat, which is why I say if you can make your lats grow your biceps will be fine. BTW, I wish I had one of those chest-supported row machines ... I love them!

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