Clenbuterol & SD


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I tried searching this, but it doesn't appear to have been discussed before. Has anyone considered using clenbuterol during their SD? I was thinking of using it while also doing some cardio during two weeks of SD.

What are some of the vets thoughts on this?
I believe Bryan has requested that no one mention substances such as this in the HST forum...

But seems like a waste to use during SD to me..
I would not use it during SD, but during the 15s and 10s during a cutting cycle, I would consider it, if I was going to use something like clen.
Clen can be very helpful when trying to shed those last few %'s of fat. I've never used it, but I know people who have. It can really make a difference when combined with proper diet, exercise and cardio... which is why taking it during SD would be a very bad idea.
I think to people who are trying to get their bodyfat that low, the side effects are probably considered worth it. Besides, the sides aren't much different from ephedra/ephedrine.
Oh by the way, if you read the study, you'll see that those negative sides started around 4 weeks in. I personally do not believe you should ever run clen for more than 2-3 weeks at a time.
isn't albuterol better as far as less side affects and less downregulation of the beta 2 receptors?

Can't you also take albuterol longer?
Actually, I was considering it for it's anti-catabolic effect.  I have no idea how much muscle can be lost during a 2 week SD & don't want to find out when I get to that point.  I know clen could give an edge if clen truly has an anti-catabolic property.  The fat loss is just another plus.

Sorry, if I broke any board rules.  That wasn't my intention. I just read over the forum etiquette sticky. Is there a sticky for board rules that I'm missing? Perhaps a link please.