1. Can a very low dose of dianabol a day (at least under 5mg) save you from all the negative side effects? I figured it is so powerful to begin with, there isn't any need for a high dose. I was thinking even 2.5mg a day wouldn't be bad. I've heard reports of peopel getting results with just 1 mg a day! I can take my time getting muscular, i just want to be safe.
  2. baby a

    baby a New Member

    Go post this on another forum. You probably won't find the answers you are looking for on this site. Bryan has said before that he doesn't really want to get into AAS discussion here.
  3. Lance

    Lance New Member

    I don't even think they come in 1mg tabs, let alone 5mg.

    Go to CuttingEdgeMuscle.com to learn about AAS. Blade's over there too.
  4. Joe G

    Joe G New Member

    If you can take your time getting muscular why do you want to take dianabol? If you really want to be safe dont take anything...

    Joe G
  5. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    A dosage like that would be a waste of time. If you are afraid of the sides, you shouldn't take it at all. If you want to take a conservative dose, I think 10 mgs would be the lowest you would want to take.
  6. the_dark_master

    the_dark_master New Member

    You need a well thought-out 8 week plan (to include dosing/food intake & training) which will probably mean injectable 'roids (I can't believe people are "scared" of a piss-arsed-piddly 23g needle)
    This will enevitably gain you some muscle which you can "hold onto" for the next 8-12 months.
    Even at a low dose, oral roids will still stress your internal systems - with no real LBM gains/advantages
    Read some more, digest cycles that "work" and design your own; 8wks balls-to-the-walls cycle (food/training/roids)
    Even when chemically assisted - stick to a progressive workout plan, drink more water and sleep longer...
  7. Lance

    Lance New Member

    I have to disagree. If i ever touch any assistance ...
    I'm (edit: I would, not i am) following a 2 week approach. I'd rather have a moderate boost then an all out 8-10 week mass explosion. It would be too obvious to friends and family for one, and i'd feel much better with a little boost than gaining 25lbs in a short period making me feel like i cheated a bit. :D
  8. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think cycle length depends on what you are taking. For orals, I wouldn't go beyond 6 weeks. I guess a 2 week approach could work, I don't know.

    For injectables, it depends on ester length. For something like Test Enanthate, 8 weeks isn't long enough. You want to go 10 or 12 at least. They don't even really kick in at the point until 2 weeks in.

    As for how much orals "stress your internal systems" - I think this is debatable. Most guys are so scared of liver damage that they take insane amounts of milk thistle on cycle. If you are a healthy individual who is not an alcoholic, I doubt one cycle of dianabol is going to give you cirrhosis of the liver. Orals definitely have their place, though I agree that injectables are a better choice. Too many people seem to equate orals with the devil though.
  9. i dont want to blow up. i just want to take a low dose for a month or so. i dont even want the dose to be in the double digits (i.e. nothing past 10mg). i want to be very conservative here
  10. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    If you are going to do that, why don't you just follow Lance's suggestion and do a two weeker instead? A dose of dianabol that low is going to be a waste.
  11. 2 weeker with what dosage?
  12. xahrx

    xahrx New Member

    I understand your desire to be conservative. Caution is a good thing. However, if you want the desirable effects of an oral steroid the dose needs to be higher. A low dose of an androgen will not give you much if any muscle gain, but it will eventually shut down your natural test production. In other words the dose shouldn't be too low or too high. Too low, not enough to really work. Too high and toxicity problems come up. 10-15 mg of dianabol is a good starting dosage, depending on body weight.

    To address one point though, dianabol does come in 5mg tabs. I've seen it. It's actually handy for splitting the dosage over the day.

    As for orals vs injectables, they both have their places. I personally prefered, when I still used, shorter oral cycles. The liver damage issue is overhyped considering the dosages used and duration of use. Not to mention all the acilleries out there to help with the issue of liver protection and cholesterol maintenance. Plus I found it easier to hold onto gains from two-three week cycles over time than any other type of cycle. The recovery is a lot easier too. I also preferred a small boost every now and then when needed, rather than a 12 week mass monster cycle. Plus a shorter time on means a quicker PCT and a greater variety of choices over time as to what types of cycles you want to run.
  13. thanks this was a lot of help. actually the dbol tabs ive seen are 10mg, which is perfect. 1 a day. just for a little mini cycle i suppose then. 2-3 weeks. i dont think ill have to worry about all the liver and estrogen problems with such a low dose and such a short time will i?

    i also have another pressing question if you can answer this. i might have a drug test coming up in the next few months. i dont want any metabolites in me. i know that orals clear out of the body alot faster then the injectables. it depends on the drug itself too right? like what if i do the dbol, will it clear out pretty quickly? if not dbol, i was going to do anavar. i just cant risk having this come up in a drug test. thanks
  14. Lance

    Lance New Member

    If it's within a couple months i would just wait and not risk it.

    What's the drug test for? A job? Do some research on drug tests, steroids are a very low priority on them, most don't test for steroids. Weed, cocaine, amphetamines, and there's 2 others that are the most common and cheapest (key here : cheap : so everyone doe sit) drug tests available.
  15. oh Lance. Im going to be starting a nursing program for school. When i do my clinicals at a hospital, they said the hospital would drug test me when i started there. youre completley right, i dont think it would even cross their minds to test for steroids. but i was wondering like if the metabolites did pop up, it could still be a possibility. im prolly just being a little paranoid, but this is liek my future career and well being at stake, so im taking it a little seriosly is all.

    so even metabolites from orals can hang around for a long time?? i couldve sworn they qet out pretty quickly.
  16. i am ignorant to the workings of a drug test. i hope one of you will share some knowledge with me to end my ignroance and so i can close out this topic.

    if i am going to get a conventional drug test, it will most likely be the case that steroids arent tested for. isnt there a lengthy procedure and lab work to test for steroid metabolites.

    my question is, imagine like they have a sample of my urine for this routine drug test. here is the scenario. they will be like "well we didnt find traces of any drugs like thc, but wierdly enough these steroid metabolites popped up when we looked at his urine". they cant just pop up like that, can they? wouldnt they have to have a speialized test geared towards searching for those metabolites, rather then just "observing" them. see what i mean? unless they are specifically looking for thsoe metabolites (which they wont be) then you just cant observe something like that.

    thanks alot guys
  17. I think i just found the answer to my question. Its from exrx.net which is very legit exercise physiology website.

    One of the most common methods of escaping detection when using anabolic steroids is simply discontinuing the use of oral AAS several days prior to a drug test. Oral AAS, such as Anavar, Winstrol (tablets), and Dianabol, are usually undetectable 3 to 4 days of after cessation. Injectable steroids usually have a much longer detection interval. Metabolites of nandrolone have been found in the urine of some athletes after 2 years it was reportedly last used. Stanozolol (Winstrol-V) has been detected in the urine of an athlete 4 months after cessation of its injection (Di Pasquale, 1992a). Oral AAS metabolites can be cleared from the body in only fourteen days after discontinuing use and are therefore more commonly used when drug testing is a concern


    seeing how i was only going to take orals, looks like im good to go!

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