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    For those who are interested in advances in gene 'therapy' and its implications for 'gene doping', check out the recent publication in nature:
    nature news

    RNAi is technique used to 'interfere' with the normal expression of a particular gene. In effect it reduces the amount of transcription of that particular gene. This technique has been around for quite a while, but its use has largely been limited to 'simple' organisms. Its use in eukaryotic cells has generally been limited to in vitro cell cultures. This new work shows RNAi effectiveness in vivo. The implications are huge with regards to biological and clinical research. There are also huge implications for the world of gene doping.
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    Can someone turn off my Myostatin gene please? Or at least turn it down a bit!
  3. Check out Mighty Mouse in the Right Handed Column


    Regulation of myostatin activity and muscle growth
    Se-Jin Lee* and Alexandra C. McPherron
    PNAS | July 31, 2001 | vol. 98 | no. 16 | 9306-9311 [​IMG]
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    Just as things start looking good, Lyle chips in with a healthy dose of reality! It appears the inhibition of the myostatin gene is only of use during the natural growth phase, ie birth to puberty. After this, myostatin appears to be pretty much down-regulated anyway. Back to the drawing board (or maybe the gym)!!!

    Check out the thread 'Myoastain again' in the Nerd Sh!t forum on Lyles site

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