Gongrats to Vicious

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by imported_dkm1987, May 6, 2005.

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    Welcome mate ;)
  2. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Dood

    Dood New Member

    You go Vicious!! [​IMG] The V man, the V-inator, V-O-Ramma, the Vicio-nizzellist, the.....ok I'll stop now [​IMG]
  4. Old and Grey

    Old and Grey Super Moderator Staff Member

    Good show Jules!
  5. vicious

    vicious New Member

    And now, my acceptance speech:

    The dark side of Hypertrophy is a pathway to many abilities, some consider (*cough* HITers) to be unnatural.  Is it possible to learn this power.  Strain is the path to the dark side.  Strain leads to MAPKp38, MAPKp38 leads to donation of satellite cells, donation of satellite cells leads to hypertrophy.  I sense much strain in you.  

    When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the master.  It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to this calling.  I love training to failure...I love the heavy training. But I am mild by nature and I do not desire to see the destruction of hypertrophy. The power you give me I will lay down when this crisis has abated, I promise you. And as my first act with this new authority, I will create a Grand Army of the HST to counter the increasing threats of the Failure-ists.

    You do not know the pow-wa of HST.  The Bryan has forseen this;  join me and we can rule bodybuilding as HS and T.  Come son of Jor-El, KNEEL before Zod!  Oh crap, wrong movie.

    Darth KM: "At last we can reveal ourselves to the bb.com, At last, we can have our revenge."

    Darth Bladeous: "Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the HST flow through you.  Your HST has made you powerful. Now, fulfill your destiny and take your master's place at our side!"

    The Bryan: "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen ..."

    Noob: "But you were the chosen one!!"

    Obiwan: "That boy was our last chance.

    Yoda: "No, there is another (eyeing O&G ;) )"

    *ggghhhhhoooo khhhhhh!!!!*
  6. BIGBANGSingh

    BIGBANGSingh New Member

    Best ... acceptance speech ... ever [​IMG]
  7. Bob Evans

    Bob Evans Member

    Applause, applause, lighter held high and lit.

    Congratulations Vicious.

    You have helped me a lot. (As have Brian, and Blade)

    Have I customized HST perfectly? NO. But I am hitting the gym twice a day. Incorporating loaded stretches, doing incline curles and it shows. I reciently went to my grad school reunion and had more than one class mate ask me if I were on roids (I am not) But man that felt good. And it is partially due to you my friend.

    Love the acceptance speech and your off the wall approach to the english language – I am not only leaning – but this is fun.


    Bob [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Abso frickin lotely [​IMG]
  9. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    So when does this happen? [​IMG]
  10. skinnyman

    skinnyman New Member

    whoooooo go vicious [​IMG]
    have you just finished watching a star wars episode? [​IMG]
  11. noobie

    noobie New Member

    werd congrats. thanks for all those PMs u helped me out with.

    watchout for episode 3!

  12. Rovi

    Rovi New Member

    From reading thread after thread after thread in these forums (when I should've been hitting my REAL schoolwork), it's obvious that this is well deserved.
  13. Firminator

    Firminator New Member

    Congrats Jules. Thanks for all the advice both thru your general posts and my personal PM's. I'm clustering now per your advice and so far everything is going real well.

  14. savagebeast

    savagebeast New Member

    You mean you weren't always a masterful genius of all that is hypertrophy? Is that what your two year sabbatical was all about, learning the ways of hypertrophy?

    Congratulations on your recent recognition. You certainly are a crowd favorite--it seems like every other post these days has something along the lines of "Vicious, please help me!" in the title. Before you know it the HS store will be carrying an "I wanna be like Vicious" shirt.

    Thanks for all the time, energy, experience, knowledge, and literary prowess that you contribute to this board. But don't start slacking off! You've still got a Nobel Prize to win.
  15. McDee

    McDee New Member

    good stuff vicious, this board is a better place for having you and I can't thank you enough for the help you've given me.

    cheers mate! [​IMG]
  16. Lance

    Lance New Member

    Vicious, DKM, Bryan, Blade, and other legends here have tought me so dang much it's ridiculous. Oh yeah, forgot to mention Dianabol. I don't see him post often, especially lately, but his posts were allways very meaningful and well put together.

    Vicious kinda came out of nowhere in my eyes. Just boom, all the sudden this Vicious guy is throwing down these very well formatted, informative, and deep posts. He took HST to the extreme, answered many many questions about proper lifting routines, exercise selection, and advanced techniques.

    Thank you Viciuos.
  17. congrats jules and thx u so much for all the stuff you helped me with.

    you rule my hst-world

  18. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert


    You are most worthy of the title expert, i was wondering when was that going to take place, your knowledge is sound! [​IMG]

    By the way my eldest son also likes to be called Jules, his real name being Julio.

    There is no doubt that youo are an expert, with a keen scientific "nose" if I may add, also coming from a scientific background myself I simply like it when people prove things beyond a shadow of doubt!

    HST is definitely richer having an extra expert on board, I am sure Bryan is extatic as well.

    Ciao mate
  19. shakeel

    shakeel New Member

    thanks vicious for all the advices .you deserve it
  20. proteus9

    proteus9 New Member

    A well deserved (and earned) accolade. Congratulations!

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