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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by dirtytrickster, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. dirtytrickster

    dirtytrickster New Member

    After reading through the beginner thread ( I tried to piece together a routine.

    I'm coming off ICF and would like to give HST a try. I'm planning on doing:
    2 weeks 15
    2 weeks 10
    4 weeks 5

    with a ABA/BAB routine
    Incline Bench
    Face Pulls
    Seated DB Press
    Close Grip BP
    EZ bar curl

    Flat bench
    Seated DB Curl
    Pull downs
  2. adpowah

    adpowah Active Member

    I'd read the free ebook too if you haven't. IMO you're better off working your whole body 3x a week rather than doing a split.
  3. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member

    @dirtytrickster, what are your numbers at the moment? If you're truly a beginner, I would limit the number of exercises per muscle group to 1 and up the volume so you can get the necessary work in on the big 3 to build that neural coding.

    If you're not a beginner or novice, you can mix it up with an A/B split if you'd like but I'd drop the face pulls in favor of chins or a legitimate row like a pendlay. You also have 3 different exercises that hit your triceps on A and only 1 on B which is a bit uneven. Just remember that with HST, frequency is key so you need to be hitting all muscle groups at least 3 times a week.

    If I were you, considering your exercise selection, I'd do:

    [2x15, 2-3x10, 3-4x5] squat, some other leg movement like a leg press or SLDL or good morning, incline bench, weighted chins or pulldowns,
    [1x15, 1-2x10, 2x5] push press, shrugs

    [2x15, 2-3x10, 3-4x5] deadlift, split squat/lunges/something that hits the quads well that isn't a leg extension, bench, rows,
    [1x15, 1-2x10, 2x5] seated DB press, shrugs if you want

    That's all you really need IMO. If you really want your curls, which aren't necessary if you're doing heavy chins/rows, you can limit them to 1-2 sets in the 15s and 10s. You can keep doing 10s of curls doing the first couple weeks of 5s or just drop them during the 5s.

    Or just drop them all together.
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  4. dirtytrickster

    dirtytrickster New Member

    Current numbers are
    265 x 5 bench
    345 x 5 squat
    365 x 5 dead lift.

    One thing I really would like to focus on is more back then chest. My back is extremely underdeveloped compared to my chest and my shoulders are starting to round in.
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  5. TangoDown

    TangoDown Member

    HST follows the notion of high frequency, lower volume work. Under it's principles, one exercise can be enough for each body group if you're hitting the minimum effective volume. A lot of members including the founder of HST believe in the 30/60 rule, whereas if you're training with loads around 85%, you want to be aiming for around 30 reps for upper body groups and 60 reps for lower body groups, per session, if your primary goal is hypertrophy. However, some members here disagree with that.

    You've got deadlift and rows on the B day. I think that's more than enough. On A, you've got chins. I suppose you can throw in another rowing movement if you want but I would recommend prioritizing either the chins or rows on that day. So you could do 1x15, 2-3x10, 3-4x5 weighted chins and 1x15, 1x10, 2x5 of some rowing movement or vise versa. Landmine rows, pendlay rows, t-bar rows, dumbbell bent-over rows, cable rows...take your pick, as long as it's a compound rowing movement. Face pulls are primarily a rear delt movement from my understanding and I think that, if your back is your weak point, you should focus on a back-dominant rowing movement as your rear delts are a very small muscle and should receive enough stimulation from rowing 3 days a week.

    You're definitely not a novice lifter. Maybe try out vanilla HST for a couple of cycles and if you like what you see, think about adding in myo reps/clusters, etc.
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  6. faz

    faz Active Member

    TBH he is doing fullbody just different exercises on different days

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