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Discussion in 'Strength-Specific Training (SST)' started by oKu, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. oKu

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    I have done a couple of HST blocks now and I have a problem that my 5 rep maxes are poor compared to my 10 and 15 rep maxes. I was thinking I could do an 8 week strength program after this sd and then change back to HST. I haven't done any strength oriented training before, so if somebody could comment on this and maybe give me some tips.
    Stephan Korte's 3x3
    The reason I chose this program is that it somewhat resembles HST. It has only deadlifts, squats and benches 3xweek.
    Is this program a good choise? Or should I just stay with HST?
    I just started my sd yesterday. I probably don't need a long sd if starting a powerlifting routine? I'm having slight signs of overtraining like muscle twitches and loss of sleep so is it wise to take a few days off even if I don't really sd?
  2. The Pencil Neck

    The Pencil Neck New Member

    Well, first off, I think you're horning in on my name.

    But besides that...

    I've only used Korte one time. I used it while dieting and improved my 1RM in both squat and deadlift; my bench went down but my bench always goes down because I'm always tearing my supraspinatus.

    I think Korte's 3x3 is a good way to practice technique but I don't like the lack of time spent at higher percentages of 1RM. Christian Thibadeaux had a variation of Korte's 3x3 mixed with Westside that he calls the Canadian Autoregulating routine. I like that routine better because you also spend time working at 3RM and 6RM levels and you've got a 4th day for assistance work.
  3. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    So which one is the Ninja of the Nice?

    Im guessing the one who's bench keeps going down...
  4. The Pencil Neck

    The Pencil Neck New Member

    heh heh

    Yeah, I sacrificed that to the NickName gods in the hope that they'd remove the curse on my bench press. :)
  5. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Im lucky, I have short arms a big gut and healthy shoulders.

    How have hte injuries been lately, I have read your log at lyles, but forget things, my anniversery, spelling, kids birthdays, yada yada yada
  6. The Pencil Neck

    The Pencil Neck New Member

    I'm thinking the supraspinatus on the right side is almost holding steady. The infraspinatus on the left side, however, is all wonky right now. That popped when I was warming up for an incline bp. My ART doc made me cut back 20% on my upper body weights for a couple of weeks.

    But flat bench feels fine. It feels better than the incline bench. Except that it's taken a couple of steps back strength-wise. I was doing 190# for 3 in October. I got 170x3 and then 175x2+1F yesterday. I'm going to have to milk that back to health.


    I bought a new bar that actually has knurling on it so I'll be able to finally work my deadlift with some weight. I'm hoping that will be a good thing. :p It sucks when you DL 450 in competition and can't do more than 350-360 at home because the bar slips out of your hands.
  7. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Use some dang straps

    Have you torn any of the rotator cuff at all? I cant remember.

    Arch much during benching? elbows tucked at all.

    I only get an inflammed shoulder now and again, but thats due to dislocating it during a motorcycle accident.
    You need to be benching more Watson :)
    or at least getting a monsterous deadlift to cover the weaker bench :)
  8. Scott S

    Scott S New Member

    I'll preface this with an admission that I'm not a powerlifter. I'm not even very knowledgable about lifting. But this 3x3 program seems like a very easy way to develop some muscular imbalances. No mention is made of rotator cuff prehab, or any other upper back work.

    The program probably works well, but I think it would be foolish to stick to it for any long length of time. I prefer the idea of determining and strengthing weaknesses myself.

    Take that for whatever it's worth...
  9. stevie

    stevie New Member

  10. Scott S

    Scott S New Member

    Deadlifts work the lats? And the rotator cuff complex? That's news to me!
  11. stevie

    stevie New Member

    deadlifts work the upper back and rear delts very hard. (and to avoid further confusion, i am not talking about the lats. if you want to work the lats, then add chins into this routine). In my opinion this will provide balance to all that benching
  12. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    I have done maybe 10-15 rotator cuff exercises in the last 15 years of powerlifting. I have done everything supposedly wrong, with behind neck presses, pulldowns to the rear yada yada yada, but I have never had any shoulder problems (other than physical injuries, yaaay motorbikes)
    I feel some injuries are more aligned to those physically predisposed to problems, rather than a specific style of training.
  13. The Pencil Neck

    The Pencil Neck New Member

    I agree. My shoulders go out if I just sneeze wrong. Dips hurt them, benching hurts them, speed bench kills them, sometimes squatting hurts them, etc., etc.. I've blown them out at a couple of different meets. I've at least partially torn the supraspinatus on one side 3 to 5 times (once while bowling) and right now I've got issues with the infraspinatus on the other side.

    And some RC exercises just makes it worse because those particular exercises causes the muscle to grow and when the muscle grows, it rubs up against my AC joint. When it rubs up against my AC joint, it tears.

    Benching will never ever be something that I'm strong at.
  14. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    I get problems with joints rather than muscular/tendon problems. I get inflammed shoulder because of a previous dislocation, I get elbow pain but rarely, I get wrist pains but htey are covered with wraps. I wear my palms out from benching 2x weekly, especially with #### bars. my back is semi-screwed from a motorcycle accident, and so is one of my ankles, much less ROM than the other. WEee its fun, dislocated finger and another broken and set at a funny angle. Its all fun.
    I think the bone structure doesnt help my joints, as I have much higher htan average bone density which usually relates to joint issues than does lower than average.
  15. Actarus

    Actarus New Member

    Korte method is interessant. It seems some great champions used it with success. So are all thoses assistance exercises (westside method) really required ?

    With partial Squat/Dead/Bench it's possible to work the weak link harder if needed.

    BTW deadlifts hit the lats very hard !

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