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Discussion in 'General Training' started by b0xm0ns73r, Aug 10, 2005.

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    Here is my story.

    About 4 months ago I had strepp throat and had to go to the doctor. I weighed 209(I am about 5'9") my blood pressure was 152 over 100. Part of that may have been due to stress. Right then and there I decided I had better do something and fast. I started dieting and exercising.

    Jump to now.
    4 months later and 40lbs less, my blood pressure is now 120 over 70 and I feel wonders better. I have went from a super snug 34" jeans to loose 32" jeans. I feel better energy and better about myself.

    However, I have some loose skin in my tummy. Are there any tricks to get it to tighten up? Or do I just give it time?

    I tried to loose my weight at a decent rate to avoid this problem, however it seems it didn't work out quite as welle as i wanted.

    Also, will this throw off my caliper readings for BF?

    Thanks for any and all past, present and future advice from you guys!!!
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    excellent weight loss.. as for the stomach area.. do abs HST style, a lot of guys here don't do it since they dont wan't their abs sticking out, but in your case it would help fill in a bit

    40 lbs in 4 months, I'd assume your case isn't that bad

    as for the bodyfat and calipers, they're shouldn't be a problem as the skin can be pinched up

  3. It depends on your age, the amount of loose skin, your skin's elasticity and a lot of other factors. In some cases (a lot, when we are tallking huge amounts) the only remedy is surgery. [​IMG]
  4. b0xm0ns73r

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    Mine isn't a huge amount, my wife doesn't even notice, but i can tell it's there and it bugs me.

    Thanks for the replies guys!
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    When i was cutting i had some loose skin, it tightened up reallllllly fast...
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    I think that this is the answer here. Now I'll admit this is speculation I myself haven't ever had the opportunity to test it... but hear me out :)

    The information I'm presenting here is mostly taken from an article by by Ron Brown, author of The Body Fat Guide

    Could it be that when the skin is stretched and fat develops underneath; when the subject looses most of the fat some fat cells are caught up in the "stretched" skin and gives it that soft wrinkly loose look?

    thereby to get rid of the skin you'd need to Really drop your overall BF% to get those "trapt" fat cells burnt out, I'm talking like sub 10% BF.

    An instance where this could be seen is in the case with POWs (Prisoners of war) they loose rediculous amounts of weight and possibly have unhealthy BF levels, but I never saw one with "loose skin" hanging or any skin wrinkled they are Skinney, boney and the skin looks tight. Note that they may be many many lbs below their natural weight where the skin should be accustommed

    Again I'd like to say that I'm throwing out an Idea that I think makes sense and I'm not atesting that this is carved in stone somewhere, maybe someone better fit to try a scientific study to see if loose skin can be eradicated by really low BF levels :confused:
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    Attached are some quotes directly from the article. Perhaps it may explain what I was trying to get at a little better

  8. Rakki

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    any takes? :confused:
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    That would seem to explain well what happens, and what could happen.

    Although eliminating those "loose skin" by changing body composition may actually mean lowering your BF to an unhealthy level. Or maybe not. I'm just guessing, but it may turn out like that. I remember one friend I had, his tummy had a horrendous flabby loose skin because he dropped weight so fast. We called it a "belt-bag", and it does look like he is wearing a belt-bag underneath his shirt sometimes. I swear, his body fat must have been already 10% or less, but he had that "belt-bag" with him and it never seemd to go away. So I guess if lowering the BF can remove fats like that, it should be way less.

    Again, just my thoughts. Nothing scientific here.


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