Maintian Mass without Weights?

Discussion in 'General Training' started by Rakki, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Rakki

    Rakki New Member

    Hey here's the "problem"

    I got about 3-4 weeks ahead of me of SWEET Vacationing. Only thing is I won't have access to a weight set or Gym :confused:

    I'm spending 2-3 wks time at various beach houses and 1 week at a resort in St Lucia. now I know this is gonna be REALLY fun but I don't wanna drop back my HST gained weight

    I was wonderiong if Calisthenics (push ups, Pull ups, ...) would suffice. Also I'd be around alot of Water so will be Swimming as well

    if Calisthenics could maintain muscle Mass anyone know's how to go about setting up a routine?
  2. jvroig

    jvroig Super Moderator

    Hey Rakki :)

    If there are no weights, then push-ups and pull-ups will have to do.

    One month isn't extremely long, and muscle loss won't be too much as long as you stick to a proper diet. Fractional synthesis rate will go to hell if you lack both muscle stimulation and proper nutrition. If only one is missing, you are still pretty much ok. Lose both, you get screwed.

    Doing the push-ups and pull-ups will help, as they will at least provide some muscle stimulation. Do the push-ups and pull-ups in varying grips and vary also your hand-placing in the push-ups. This way you hit as many muscles as you can. This may also be a perfect time for you to increase your bench strength by doing explosive push-ups.

    To save you SD time, do all these during your vacation until 1 week before you go home (and can start training again). That way you are sure all the push-ups and pull-ups don't mess with your deconditioning.

  3. Rakki

    Rakki New Member

    Thanx JV [​IMG]

    PS I didn't know you could increase your bench by doing explosive push ups [​IMG] cool man!

    I'm assuming then jump squats will also do my squats good as well
  4. Load up a backpack with weight and do one legged squats on some stairs or step-ups on a raised platform. Calf raises on some stairs. Curls with weighted backpack in your hand. Dips on a chair with high armrests. Yup, I've done this before ;-)
  5. Rakki

    Rakki New Member

    Whoa Ecto that's some real Rocky stuff man. I could play Eye of the Tiger on my Disc Man same time :D

    [​IMG] Thanx Bro
  6. Make sure they are stable, I think I woke up the people under me in a hotel one time when the chairs fell over with me on them.
  7. Tcup

    Tcup New Member

    train cardio also by insulting the biggest guy you see and then fleeing [​IMG]
  8. jvroig

    jvroig Super Moderator

    Yes, that's a good idea. I play Eye of the Tiger often during my workouts. Previously anyway. Now I don't bother setting up the sounds because I'm in and out much faster than before, and I hate spending an extra minute to unplug the speakers and putting them back. (I know, lazy @$$, hehehe )

    There are also other exercises you can perform. Don't kill yourself with them though. Their purpose is mainly to help prevent muscle loss, so they don't have to be very heavy, and anyway after a short time you'll be stopping them for a full-fledged SD.

    It's just plyometrics. If you wish to know more, there are some threads here, under SST I think, just search for plyometrics, and also for explosive push-ups.

    Here are some things you may also want to read if you are interested about plyometrics as well as push-ups and squats used as plyomertic exercises.

    Jumping Box Squat
    Explosive Push-ups

  9. Rakki

    Rakki New Member

    Helpful as alwayz JV :)
  10. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert


    That is close by, you from around here? [​IMG]
  11. Rakki

    Rakki New Member

    I'm from Trinidad (WI) :)
    Getting married this Saturday (20th Aug) and spending my Honeymoon in St Lucia - Sandals; after which I'm coming back to Trini to hop around some beach houses with my family far far away from civilization [​IMG]
  12. jvroig

    jvroig Super Moderator

    I just have to say...

    Honeymoon is the best SD known to man! :D
    Forget about "just lying in bed all day"... instead, be in bed with your wife all day! [​IMG]

    Congratulations on getting married soon! [​IMG]

  13. OneMoreRep

    OneMoreRep New Member

    Why not just SD???

    i just did a 3 week SD, and i'm nice and sore from my first 15s workout.
  14. Fausto

    Fausto HST Expert


    I see, not bad, you enjoy the honeymoon, mate. :)

    Agreed! [​IMG] both physio and psychologically, by all means! [​IMG]

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