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  1. Hey everyone. I have a question that is psychological in nature as opposed to just about muscle.

    I just got accepted into nursing school, and it requires me to be settled down and to read alot. Im finding that its impossible for this lifestyle to coexsist with the muscle thing. I'm not sure what it is about muscle, but once I start seeing more of it on my body, I can never sit still! It becomes very hard for me to sit behind a textbook. I'm always posing in the mirror and touching my muscles. Is it the extra testosterone from lifting that makes me so hyper? Anyways, I'm not sure if any other scholars have had the same problem. I thought for a while I might have to pick a simpler major or work a civil service job so it could coexsist with my training. I don't want to quit this program, so I might have to quit training.

  2. ChanceHarper

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    [​IMG] It sounds like you may not want to be a nurse very much. ┬áTry wearing modest clothing, take short frequent breaks away from the books (light cardio?), and hide the mirrors. [​IMG]
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    Simple answer: stop being so self absorbed.
  4. Bob Evans

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    sounds like you should be a pro bodybuilder.

    In school I found working out helped calm me down. Being a little "beat up" after a good workout would allow me to concentrate. If lifting does not do it for you try running. My workouts are always better when I am busy.... I guess my engery is up.

    Sure lifting can get a little all consuming. but try not to let it. Self absorbtion / obsession is not a good thing.... and it can lead to burn out.

    the WWF always needs good people,

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    Hey Kyle,

    Say what? Surrounded by young nurses of the female kind and you want to spend time touching your own muscles? My first thought was maybe you need more testosterone?! [​IMG]

    Seriously though, why not learn to play an instrument? When I took my degree, guitar playing was a great way to use up nervous energy and to focus my attention on something completely different. I was training three or four times a week at the time and what with that, lectures, study, eating, guitaring and general socialising there was no more time! Make life a rich tapestry.
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    Hey, i hear ya (well, the extra energy part, lol). I'm in grad school, i'm a TA, and i'm doing research so my time is valuable. On my 13 hour days (twice a week - includes some travel), i just simply don't work out (flame me if you like). I've tried this for a few weeks with working out at 5 in the morn and it just overloads me. I fall asleep driving home, get sick a few days later, and so on. Now, i do time my lifting days for before my busy days so i can recoop and not feel so bad for not hitting the gym.

    With regards to studying, if i have a long night ahead of me, i try not to fry myself at the gym. I'll push it hard but I won't push say 190 hr like i normally would on morning cardio. I'm still getting good results, i'm passing my classes, and i'm not sleeping while i'm driving. unfortunately, my schedule changes every semester and break. oh well, we adjust.

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