My grip strength is lacking

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by ajntorinj, Sep 7, 2004.

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    I may be totally off base here, but what I think Baoh is trying to say is,

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    lol ajntorinj....

    So what's the conclusion here? It seems like the main suggestions were:

    1) Holding a weight for an extended period of time - Barbel
    2) Holding a weight for an extended period of time - Plates
    3) Increasing the thickness of the bar
    4) O&G's "bathroom trick"

    O&G, u reported success with size - and strength as well? How about anyone else here? I'm having a tough time with this issue... Against my better judgement I bought straps this weekend. Still, I don't want to have to use them. So does anyone else have sucess stories?
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    hi i think my grip strength is lacking as well.

    i've done lat pulldowns before about 15lbs more than my body weight. Then I injured my wrist (from another exercise) and now recovered (i think) and now i can't seem to hold still the lat pulldown bar while doing the exercise. my grip starts to slip. It feels like my wrist is about to pop out and be left behind gripping the bar.

    any suggestions?
    thanks in advance [​IMG]
  4. Which grip are you using?
  5. skinnyman

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    hey mr. dkm..,
    i'm using a pronated grip
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    Isn't there a guy named "grip_strength" in this forum? Where is he?
    But back to the point at hand. I train my grip strength religiously. And I admit, as a point someone else made, training with grippers is not the type of strength, kinetic, that you want. However, that is not to say that training with grippers does not improve your isometric strength at all, it just is not the most effective way. I would say holding a heavy barbell would be the best way, but who wants to do that? If you work in an office, buy a gripper and train with it everyday while you sit. I have a program designed by a man who was one of the first people to close the COC #4, which is amazing. If you want it, I will try and find it to post. I have noticed since I started training, that my deadlift has become more effective, especially at higher weights because I do not find myself rushing through the sets because my forearms burned.
    IMHO, I dont like straps. I feel if you cannot hold the weight, you should not lift it. But then again, I go for more practical strength rather than just shear lift weight (are you going to strap a large rock to your wrist when trying to move it to reorganize your garden?).
    If you have any more specific questions, just ask and I will try to help.
  7. Totentanz

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    Quite a while ago, I wrapped duct tape around the handles of my dumbbells and barbell to make them thicker. Consequently, my forearms have grown quite a lot without any direct work.

    There was an initial (and slight) drop in how much weight I could handle after I wrapped the grips on my weights, but it didn't last very long.
  8. If you haven't already try supinated and see if it makes a difference.
  9. Gripstrength here! For obvious reasons, I couldn't help but notice this thread.

    I actually stopped doing direct forearm/grip work when I started HST (am just beginning my second cycle). I used to do regular and reverse wrist curls, and what someone else here suggested--standing in a power cage, holding a heavy barbell for as long as I could. But even after I stopped direct forearm/grip training, I continued to make gains in those areas during my first HST cycle. In fact, I was really pleased with my forearm gains in particular.

    Other folks have already made good suggestions for improving grip strength--pinches, farmer's walk, and so forth. I don't have anything to add--though I'd definitely include the basic holding-on-to-a-heavy-barbell trick.
  10. Jester

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    Behind the back barbell curls.....and consciously grip as hard as you can on the last few reps.
  11. skinnyman

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    ok thanks guys. i think i'll go with the pinching. it sounds cool.
    "what's your workout for today?".... "pinching" [​IMG]

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