Overwhelmed, what do i do!?!

Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by cnegotiator, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. cnegotiator

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    Alright i'm brand new to HST and these forums and website is a lot to take in all at once. I'm starting monday, and i'm a fairly strong guy that knows what i'm doing in the weightroom. I've been lifting for a few years now, and i eat the right foods but it was suggested i eat more.

    I want to get big finally now, i'm already fairly strong. I have been told to stick to the basics. Can i get suggestions on a program a should use? Reps, number of weeks in a cycle? And when do i do those pesky negatives?!

    Also what do you guys feel about reverse grip skull crushers? I love them with the reverse grip but cant really do a lot of weight with them. Could i do them as well as another tricep thing or is it just asking to be overtrained/overworked? Also when could i work forearms?(wrist rolls)

    Thanks guys! I'm excited to start with HST, but i want to get everything right so my first cycle i am encouraged to keep going with it and there is just so much information on it my head spins trying to read it all(and my biopsych textbook haha)
  2. lcars

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    personally i would stick to basic compounds for my first cycle so you can get an idea of what your rep max's are and to get a feel for hst,i train 3x a week full body,but you can do more if you feel like it,good luck with your cycle.
  3. dkm1987

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    If you are eating in the area of 250-500 Kcals above your total energy expenditure then no, you don't need more.

    See the FAQ on exercise choice and also the one on Bryan's Interview with T-Mag, they both explain which exercises and how to set up the cycle.

    If volume is accounted for and you are not chronically working to failure, then I doubt you will overtrain. No matter the exercise choice. So if you want to add in reverse skull crushers go ahead.

    You can work forearms whenever you wish, but do not work them so much that they interfere with your grip strength on other lifts. If trying to grow forearms then work them into your HST schedule. Many times you'll notice that direct forearm work isn't all the necessary, unless you are trying to win over Olive Oil (the tall ugly chick from the cartoons not the cooking oil).
  4. cnegotiator

    cnegotiator New Member

    thank you guys!
  5. colby2152

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    Haha, nice one Dan!

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