1. Is this a difference in Pseudoephedrine hcl or sulfate vs. Ephedrine HCL. If so what, as far as dosing for ECA stack?

    I am goning to try an ECA but am looking at what I have available. I plan on using a 6x per day 10mg Ephedrine, 100mg caffeine and 150 to 180 mg aspirin. In conjuction with my CLA that I am currently taking.
  2. anoopbal

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    Ths basic substance isolated from Mua Hung contains both Pseudoephedrine and Ephedrine. To my knowledge, both of them have the same physiological effects. Pseudoephedrine salts are namely pseudoephedrine HCl, Phosphate, sulphate and so on. Like wise, Ephedrine salts can be classified as phosphates, sulphates, acetates and so on.

  3. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Ephedrine is usually the stronger of the two
  4. As far as dosing in an ECA stack would there be a difference?
  5. anoopbal

    anoopbal New Member

    I would say start with a lose dose and gradually increase it if you are not experiencing any major side effects.
  6. Thanks, but again, is there a difference between Pseudoephedrine and ephedrine as far as dosing in an ECA stack? I understand Bryan's article on dosing with Ephedrine, 1:10 ratio and splitting it up to attenuate the effect.

    What I need to know is there a difference and if so how does that relate to dosing, IE. Is 20mg Pseudo the same as 20mg Ephe? If not do I need more or less Pseudo to compare to the 20mg Ephe?
  7. rgallucci

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    Actually, there is a pretty big difference between pseudoephedrine and ephedrine.

    Pseudoephedrine has higher affinity for alpha adrenergic receptors, and low affinity for beta receptors. Ephedrine has high affinity for beta receptors, and most important the beta-2 receptor. This difference makes it unlikely that pseudoephedrine will have any marked thermogenic effects. It is well known that it has little effect on cardiac function (beta-1 receptor), which is why it is so widely available and considered safe.

    I remember hearing that Dan Duchaine had experimented with pseudoephedrine as an alternative to ephedrine many years ago, and found it did nothing for RMR, which was not surprising.

    So, you would most likely be waisting your time using Sudafed in an ECA stack. You do know that ephedrine HCL is still legal as an asthma medication, right?
  8. I know, it is just a matter of finding it, over the counter. Do you know of any brands?
  9. mikeh

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  10. Thanks, that is what I was wondering. Actually after looking at the Panel it is exactly the same as Primatene Tab but Primatene is cheaper. I was just concerned about the Guaifenesin in primatene, but since it is in this product as well then shouldn't be a problem.

    Thanks again
  11. anoopbal

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    On a different note, I read Bryan commenting that ephedrine's effectiveness increases over time. What is the mechanism which makes it more effective

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