question from Poland about training volume

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  1. Hello.
    Like in title i'm from Poland and I don't know anglisch very well.

    I have question about training volume.
    Can I increase number of sets throughout an HST cycle to keep the total volume constant?
    "To do this, let's perform one set for each exercise during the 15s, a first set of 10 reps followed by a second set of 5 reps for each exercise in the 10s, and three sets for each exercise during the 5s. This gives us a total volume of 15 reps for each exercise throughout the entire HST cycle"

    Is it good solution?
  2. To keep it simple

    Yes, you can.
  3. KAAJ

    KAAJ New Member

    But one needs less volum the heavier the weights get, right?
  4. Overall I would say yes again but, that depends a lot on your conditioning state.
  5. ZMT

    ZMT New Member

    also take a look at
    and department Alternatywna Droga

    you could also ask questions there in polish :D - I don't have much time to asnwer but there are other fellows who will help you :D

    good luck

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