Questions About Buffers, Lactic Acid, & Vinegar

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything about dietary supplements' started by ajntorinj, Feb 26, 2005.

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    I've done some searching about taking vinegar post-workout for the nutrient partitioning effects, as I am currently trying to lose fat. I've seen it mentioned that if one supplements with vinegar, it is advisable to add a buffer, to maintain normal pH levels in the body. From what I've read, it is recommended to consume a tablespoon of vinegar in the morning and post workout, and a buffer such as a citrate, or bicarbonate in the evening and pre-workout. The pre-workout dose has the additional benefit of counter-acting lactic acid formation, enabling one to ward off fatigue and pain slightly.
    First of all, am I correct in these assumptions? I've had no luck finding to-the-point information understandable to someone who hasn't yet completed organic chemistry II.
    Secondly, will OTC antacids work for the purposes I've described above? Out of curiousity, I've consulted several pharmacists [including a few compounding pharmacists], and each has said that the chemicals I am looking for are either not available without a prescription or they have no idea where I could get them.
    Thirdly, can someone suggest reasonable dosages for supplementation? A lot of stuff over the Avant Labs forums is either semantic nit-picking or biochemical jargon that I don't have the education to comprehend.
    I appreciate any replies.

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