Rethinking The Eccentric Phase (negatives)

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    Here's an interesting analysis of the speed of eccentric movements.

    As it turns out higher loads and unavoidably faster lowering cadence is more efficient at producing strength/hypertrophy than lower loads with slower speed of descent.
    Quite an eye opener :)

    So basically we should prefer increasing loads even further to the point that the load goes down in about 1 second no matter how hard we try to slow it down.

    Of course this doesn't mean that the usually recommended lowering speed of 2-3 sec is a waste of time, it's more like restricting yourself to loads you can lower for 2-3 sec is likely holding you back if your goal is to get stronger and/or more muscular.

    Load is king.​
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    Bret Contreras is as asshole. Perhaps you should stick to just his site. Look at the dates of the studies you posted. If you want to be contrary, that is fine but please do so with credible up to date peer reviewed scientific studies.
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    You've miscredited the article to the wrong author while presenting assumptions "defending" your own home grown beliefs, not the factual data (some of which is pretty recent).
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    I consider all your posts as useful as spam.
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    Then why did you "unignore" me? Please do me a favor: never reply to my posts because most of your replies have close to zero fat academic value.
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    Calm down lads must admit Imiss these type of posts
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