Sick- mid 5's- missed 5 days-start over?

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  1. I got  sick over the weekend and it is now Wednesday...still not feeling ready to train.  Should I start over on Monday(15's) (w/ only 9 days SD) or can I either resume where I left off, start at the beginning of 5's or start at beginning of 10's?  How far have I deconditioned?  Must I wait 1 more additional week for a full SD? I have been doing HST for 2 years now.
  2. Bob Evans

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    Well 9 days is the beginning of SD (about a 9 day min) If I were you I would start over but only do like 2 days of 15s, and maybe even shorten the 10s... then prolong the post 5s.

    I would not go back and do a full 15. That said I would not just jump back into the 5s either.

  3. Totentanz

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    I would just start the 5s over again, personally, unless you are having joint problems or something like that.
  4. Totentanz,
    So basically I have deconditioned ( in a week) back to my pre 5's condition?  If this was the case, why would we not do this periodically (shorter SD) and why decondition all the way? I am looking for "The reasoning behind why" to start from the fives. Casn you explain why I can start again midcyle. Have my muscles adapted to 5's weights or have they deconditioned back further with 1 week off?
  5. Bob Evans

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    You are touching on a few issues here.

    SD Length.

    SD should be between 9 and 14 days. Much less than 9 you are just resting (not a bad thing) But resting is not deconditioning. Over 14 days you will start loosing mass strength etc. As with all this suff it is a trade off. It is not about decondtioning all the way (a year) more about decondtioning a sufficient amount -- 2 weeks.

    Why not do shorter SDs

    It is not sufficient. Get at least 9 days (see above)

    Why go back to your 5s and skip the 15s and 10s? Because you just spent 4 weeks in your 15s and tens --- to do it all over again now would be spending too much time in the light stuff and not enough time in the heavy stuff.

    Why not always skip your 15s and 10s? Well there are benifits to the 15s and 10s allow you to prep your joints for the heavy stuff and you do squeek out gains in those micro cycles.

    For now go back to your 5s. As I said before I would do a day or two of 15s and a day or two of 10s to ease you back in to it.

  6. Totentanz

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    Don't overanalyze, or you'll get too stuck on the details and miss the big picture. The only reason I would start the 5s over instead of starting the whole cycle over is because the 5s and post-5s are pretty much the prime time for growth. I wouldn't want to go through the 15s and 10s all over again. Just personal preference.

    Anyway, Bob's got it all pretty much covered. A couple days of 15s or 10s would actually be a good idea, to ease you back in and make sure you are ready to workout again after being sick. You don't want to push yourself too hard and have a relapse.
  7. Fausto

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    Both Bob and Tot have got it right, I'd say as Bob put it try out a few days of 10's and see how it goes, if you feel good jump into the 5's and carry on, if not do the 10's over again.

    If still sick...just wait it out, till you are better, not productive to train while sick.

    Listen to your body! [​IMG]
  8. Thanks guys. Got it. One question remains still, however. In 9 days how much have you deconditioned to the weight? Will RBE occur more quickly due to not a full SD? I want to stay ahead of RBE and not adapt to the load too quickly.
  9. Bob Evans

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    Not sure there is a exact answer to that. Could varry by lifter. If you want to make sure you get a good SD do 10- to -14 days.


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