Swole V2 while on HST Cycle?

Discussion in 'Anything and Everything about dietary supplements' started by Cp Bball3, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. Cp Bball3

    Cp Bball3 New Member

    Is taking this "Swole V2" (Tri-Creatine) a good idea while im on an HST Cycle. I know that you get drastic strength increases during the first week or two of usage with this supplement, so will this mess up my HST Rep Maxes? The only solution i can think to this problem is maybe make my HST Cycle a little "harder" than it would be if i wasnt on this supplement.
    Ex: Increase rep maxes by 5-10lbs, and add slightly more volume like maybe an extra excersise for chest or biceps or another set to each muscle group.

    Any help is welcome...thanks
  2. stevie

    stevie New Member

    you wont get any drastic strength increases with swole v2. even if you did it wouldnt matter to HST. Stick to the prescribed loads and dont increase the weight just because your strength increased.

    You should know that you are wasting your money with swole v2. it wont give you any extra benefit over a regular creatine monohydrate powder.
  3. baby a

    baby a New Member

    I second what Stevie concluded. If you really want good advice on how to use creatine combined with HST, look for the purest, cheapest monohydrate powder you can find. Forget about all of these marketing hype products. They are a complete waste of money, and completely take advantage of people who don't know what they are buying. In the end, your basic monohydrate powder is the most proven and cost-effective form you can find.

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