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  1. I had my blood checked (see other topics by me :)), and also the testosterone level.

    My regular t-level is 413, which is within specs (300-1100), but, in my opinion, on the low side (only 38% of the to value).

    Is there a way to get this one up naturally? Without any hurts, meaning:

    1) my own test production isn't hurt
    2) when I quit whatever I would be starting to use, they don't fall back to even lower levels..
    3) I don't get aggressive like a bull :p


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    Hello Daxie :)

    Yes, there is a way I believe. Tribulus I think, and a few other things as well. Just recently, there was a thread that got started by asking if those herbs or such work, and Dan posted a link pointing to clinical studies on them, and if I remmber right, Tribulus is just what you are looking for. I can't remember the thread right now, sorry.

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  4. Tcup

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    Specs are derived as a mean value of a larger group of healthy individuals. Each value which hits inside this range is good. Your level is 100% suitable for you. So forget that 38% prosent. I dont even get why do you compare it to the value of 1100. If you had your levels high as 1100 the doctor would start to look what is wrong with you...

    The marketing department has really hit big time with these "get your testosterone levels up by 200%" [​IMG]
  5. Dude, it has nothing to do with marketing stuff... Please...

    The 38% was just an indication... And if it would be 1000, the doc wouldn't say a thing, since it is well within what you call "mean value"... That's why they are there...

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    From the research that I have read, Tribulus is not all that great. If your levels are naturally low (like below 200) then it can provide some help. Otherwise its just a libido booster. However, I don't believe that there are many sides and it doesn't cause suppression, so you might try that first.

    I am really a big fan of AI's. In particular, I have used ALRI's Ultra HOT with some success. I like it. But it does cause some rebound when you come off of it.
  7. faz

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    i am having my levels tested tommorow...
    you can use...... bulgarian tribulus
    saw palmetto
    avena satina
    the best man to ask is og but i think he has stopped posting
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    In this thread http://www.hypertrophy-specific.com/cgi-bin....l=avena
    O&G suggested the following
    I have been taking Trib, Avena Sativa, and that cactus anus stuff [​IMG]
    It seems to give me more stamina, at the weights and possible another room of the house [​IMG]
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    Herbal remedies'll do jack-squat, save your money up and invest in the real deal. (alternatively; 5mins moderate pressure on the ol' crown jewels will boost your test more than Trib etc)
    [​IMG]  :mad:  [​IMG]  [​IMG]
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    Another issue is levels of free testosterone. Nettle root extract seems to be promising in the area of reducing steroid hormone binding globulin (shbg) and thereby increasing free test. There is a product soon to come out called Activate that contains the specific chemical in nettle root that has the biggest effect in this regard. I'm personally looking forward to its availability.

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    But I don't want to look like Michael Jackson grabbing myself every 5 minutes in between exercises [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I just put my nuts in a vice.
  13. Tcup

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    And be careful not bump into any kids :D [​IMG]

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