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  1. Joe G

    Joe G New Member

    What is the most important factor in increasing your vascularity? Muscle mass, body fat percentage, genetics? Obviously lots of muscle, low body fat. and great genetics will make you vascular but what is the biggest factor? And do you think its possible to get more vascular while bulking?

    Joe G
  2. coach hale

    coach hale New Member

    being lean and having small amounts of extracellular fluid

    also for temporary vasularity purposes niacin has been successful for many people, as well as a carb spike enhancing blood flow , or any activity enhanciing blood flow, tanning bed, exercise etc..

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    I have great success with the drying out process utilized in the XDL DIET

    coach hale

    coach hale

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  3. Chthonian

    Chthonian New Member

    Is it just me, or does the coach seem to advertise a bit much?
  4. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

  5. Joe G

    Joe G New Member

    Nice site Chief! Was that you giving it or taking it? :D

    Chief and Chthonian you guys gettin all worked up huh? Your not getting any roid rage or anything are you lol? [​IMG]

    So you guys have any input on the actual question i posted btw?

    Joe G
  6. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I don't think crazy vascularity like you see in BB'ers where they have veins all over their chest is sustainable. At least not without torturing yourself.

    Anyway, I think the biggest factor out of those three would be bodyfat. Of course you will still need some muscle, but it doesn't matter how much muscle you have - if you are at 20% bodyfat, you aren't going to look very vascular.
  7. Joe G

    Joe G New Member


    I'm at about 8-9 percent now. Any chance of becoming more vascular while bulking?

    I'm not really that worried about it, my main goal is to put on size. Although I do like that vascularity look.

    Joe G
  8. chiefhog

    chiefhog New Member

    I totally made that website up. I had no idea it was real. Just trying to be funny.

    As to your question, the lower my BF is, the more vascular I appear. Also, low sodium diet helps as well.
  9. Joe G

    Joe G New Member


    I thought it was funny, I was just messin with ya.

    BTW please visit Coach Hale's website at

    Joe G.

    I'm actually on his forum. Coach Hale is knowledgeable, and takes the time to answer questions.
  10. noobie

    noobie New Member

    can someone tell me what vascularity is? says its " Of, characterized by, or containing vessels that carry or circulate fluids, such as blood, lymph, or sap, through the body of an animal or plant."

    mmm, does that mean how cut you are? or what?

  11. Lance

    Lance New Member

    Vascularity is pretty much being veiny. [​IMG]
  12. Totentanz

    Totentanz Super Moderator Staff Member

    What Lance said.
  13. noobie

    noobie New Member

    ahhh ok gotcha =).
  14. leegee38

    leegee38 Member

    Heridity is probably the largest factor in how vascular you appear. Some folks are just born with their veins closer to the skin than others. Beyond that bodyfat levels is probably the next largest factor. Niacin can help to some degree, but the biggest boost is relatively short-lived and it causes major flushing in some people. If you get very lean and still aren't very vascular you are probably SOL. Good luck!
  15. OneMoreRep

    OneMoreRep New Member

    I agree.
  16. OneMoreRep

    OneMoreRep New Member

    When i bulked last my biceps veins really started to bulge out more, while my bodyfat climbed steadily.

    so it could happen.

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