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    mickc1965 training log

    Don't stress yourself too much, sounds like your body needs the SD and you'll only come back stronger (albeit it probably won't feel like it for your first 1-2 work outs). Make sure you look after your back over the next few days (plenty of rest) and I'm sure you'll recover soon enough.
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    gbglifters bulk-log

    I know that feeling, I took 2 week off over Christmas and have been back in the gym a total of 7 times since. Kinda stuck in a negative cycle, out of shape, feel crap, eat and drink crap, out of shape etc etc... I'm about to kit out my home gym and this time I'm going to log with pictures and...
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    One coffee 1 hour before work out works sweet for me (the only coffee I really drink). If I have more than 1 coffee a day it's a rarity! Tea on the other hand... ;)
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    I never really found any noticeable difference in my routines, but I drink a lot of water and eat a fair bit of meat daily. I did find caffeine and carb's pre-work out did the job though! Edit: Was taking 5mg/day when taking it.